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Naperville Basement Remodeling vs. Home Addition

Naperville Basement Remodeling Vs. Home Addition: Which One Is Right For You?

When you’re ready to add more livable square footage to your home, you’ll probably find yourself faced with two important choices: should you move forward with a Naperville basement remodeling project? Or, should you instead consider opting for a home addition to give you the space you need?

At Synergy Builders, we know firsthand that choosing between a Naperville basement remodeling project and a home addition can prove a tough decision. Each option offers a range of distinctive features and benefits, as well as some specific challenges. Knowing what you can expect from both a Naperville basement remodeling job as well as a home addition can help streamline the decision making process and make the right choice for you.

Synergy Builders: Know The Benefits A Naperville Basement Remodeling Project Offers

What are some of the benefits you can expect from a Naperville basement remodeling? Some of the advantages include:

  • Add value to your property
  • Use the existing floor plan of your home
  • Complete project in any weather/season
  • Live in the house while work is being done
  • Spend less than on a home addition

Of course, despite numerous advantages, a Naperville basement remodeling does have some challenges that should be considered as well. These include:

  • Finite total of square footage to work with
  • May require extensive updating with plumbing and electrical
  • May need significant water damage repair and prevention

Understanding The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Home Addition

Adding on to your home with an addition also offers some unique benefits to homeowners. When adding on, you can expect:

  • A potentially significant increase in overall property value
  • No limit on how much square footage you can add (depending on property layout)
  • A two floor addition for further space
  • Virtually endless design options to enhance both the exterior and interior aesthetics of your home

While an addition may yield a bigger visual impact, at Synergy Builders we also recognize that this type of home improvement project also has some potential drawbacks to consider, such as:

  • Project may prove disruptive or inconvenience
  • May require a bigger budget than Naperville basement remodeling
  • You may need to find somewhere else to live at various stages
  • Building permits
  • Demolition
  • Redoing both interior and exterior features upon completion
  • Can be weather contingent

Find The Right Builder/Remodeler To Make The Best Choice For Your Propertybasement remodeling projects builders

Still not sure which option makes the most sense for you? It’s important to partner with the right builder/remodeling team as soon as you begin considering either project for your property. An experienced, skilled and trained builder/remodeler will be able to evaluate the current layout of your home. From there, they will be able to outline specific project options and include critical details such as length of project, price, available amenities, and required permits so you can make an informed final decision.

For more information on what you can expect from basement remodeling or a home addition, contact Synergy Builders today.

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