Light and Airy Sunroom Additions in Chicagoland

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Would you like more space in your home, but don’t want to undertake or cannot afford a full home addition? A sunroom is a very popular alternative to a full-room addition. A sunroom connects the interior of your home with the exterior while adding a cozy living space.

What distinguishes a sunroom from any other add-on? A majority of the sunroom’s wall space is made of glass to bring the outdoor view, but not the weather, inside. You can choose to add heating/cooling and electrical services to your new sunroom, but those aren’t required.

When you’re ready to begin your custom project, schedule a consultation with Synergy Builders, the best source in Chicagoland for a sunroom addition. When you work with our professional design team, you get a beautiful sunroom addition to your house that not only fits your lifestyle but also gives you a bright, airy space that looks like a cohesive part of your home.

Things to Consider When Building a Chicagoland Sunroom Addition

Before you meet with your Synergy Builders designer, you should think about how you want to use your all-season sunroom addition. The following questions will help you get started:

  • Would you like a quiet, calm space for reading or other solitary activities?
  • Will the sunroom be used as a second family room or living room? A game room? A dining room? A spa?
  • Are you planning to make the sunroom an integral part of your entertaining lifestyle?
  • Do you prefer a room that can be used year-round, or are you thinking of a three-season room?
  • What room will be bumped out for your new space? How will the sunroom connect to your home’s interior?
  • Have you thought about the size? Are there restrictions in terms of backyard elements, or your driveway or garage location?
  • Do you require storage areas or built-ins?

Regardless of your preferences and needs, Synergy Builders will help you achieve them! Our team has extensive experience in designing and building beautiful, high-quality, custom sunroom additions in the Chicago area.



What to Expect When Working with Synergy Builders

Fall in Love with Your Sunroom Today. Our design team is excited to work with you and turn your ideas into a custom-made, quality-built sunroom. You’ll enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home in a room that reflects your taste and style.

Get Acquainted with the Synergy Team. During your in-home consultation, you’ll learn about how we work while we learn about what you want. We also get to know your home, ensuring that your new sunroom blends the style of your interior space with your home’s exterior.

Select Your Products. Are you thinking aluminum, vinyl or a warm natural wood? What about windows and finishes? You and your Synergy Builders sunroom contractor and designer visit our modern, well-stocked showroom and pick out the materials, colors, finishes, fixtures and more.

Understand Your Design. We’ve worked with many clients who have difficulty visualizing how their sunroom will look and function by reviewing two-dimensional design plans. That’s why we provide 3D renderings and drawings to help you translate architectural plans into a true visual representation of your new room.

Stay in the Loop. In what stage is your sunroom addition project? When do we expect to have all work completed? We offer every client secure, 24/7 online access to view the project schedule at any time, from anywhere.

Receive Updates on a Regular Basis. How much communication do you wish to receive during the course of your project? Simply let your Synergy Builders project manager know how often you want to hear from him or her, and you will get personal updates about the status of your sunroom project — on your schedule.

Relax in Your New Sunroom. Rest easy while you enjoy your beautiful new living space. After your project is finished, our 3-year warranty and lifetime support take effect. Sit back, relax, enjoy your view of nature — and reflect quietly about how stress-free the process of designing and building your Chicagoland sunroom addition really was!

How Much Is a Sunroom?

The cost of adding a sunroom to your house depends on many factors, including the size, materials, finishes, furnishings, location in the home, and whether you choose to build a three- or four-season sunroom. You want to obtain at least three cost estimates for your project so you can make comparisons before hiring your Chicagoland sunroom contractors.

How much does a typical sunroom remodel cost? Of course, a lot depends on size and the other factors mentioned above. For specific complimentary cost estimates call Synergy Builders today!