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Ideas For Family Room House Additions

Ideas For Family Room House Additions

House AdditionsAdding a family room to your home adds significantly to your family’s comfort and enjoyment, and, on national average, a family room house addition brings a Return On Investment (ROI) of about 64 percent. As the housing marketing continues to gain strength, that ROI is likely to grow in the future.

Obviously, your design choices should reflect the style of your home and your family’s tastes first and foremost, but you should also consider how those design choices might affect your future ROI, should you sell your home. House additions that are harmonious with the style of the rest of the home and with the neighborhood are most likely to produce the best ROI. If, for example, you live in a middle class neighborhood of tract homes and you build a family room with mahogany paneling and Carrera marble floors, you’re probably not going to get a strong ROI for that investment. If you’re planning to stay in the house for years, and you’ve always dreamed of mahogany paneling and marble floors, then it may be a good investment in your enjoyment and use; just realize that someone else may not value those things enough to pay for them.

  • Go Up – Building a second story house addition may be a good option if your property is already a bit crowded at ground level. A second floor family room offers natural light and open space, and can be an ideal addition. Some counties and municipalities may require approval from neighbors whose view could be blocked by a second-floor addition, and you will likely need some structural re-design on the existing part of the home to support a second floor safely.
  • Bump Out – If your property has enough space to expand the footprint of your home, bumping an exterior wall out provides a way to build a family room at less expense than adding a second floor. You’ll need less structural modifications for ground-level house additions, and the permitting process is typically less complicated.
  • Great Room – Some homes can be reconfigured to add a family room without bumping out or going up at all. By moving interior walls, you may be able to create a Great Room that is open to your kitchen, dining room, or patio. Some interior walls are load bearing, and if you need to remove one, you’ll need beams or columns to support the weight that the wall once did. Because you’re not changing the footprint or roofline of the home, this type of remodel can offer significant cost savings and a simplified permit process.
  • Outdoor Space – Another beautiful option for adding a family room is to build a freestanding outdoor room, with a roof and open walls, or partial walls and screened windows on top of them, like a screen porch or solarium. An outdoor family room could include a summer kitchen with a built-in grill, sink, and refrigerator. It could also include a built-in bar with a wall-mounted TV, or a freestanding fireplace with plenty of space for comfy couches. The baseline cost for building an outdoor family room is far less than any of the options that involve modifying your house, though your design choices will obviously affect the final cost.

Trust Your House Addition To Synergy Builders

When it comes to adding a family room or making another house addition, you want the peace of mind that comes from working with a licensed and insured contractor who has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process. Let Synergy Builders help you make the right design choices for your home and budget, for your family’s comfort and enjoyment, and for the best return on your investment. Contact us for a consultation on your house addition project.

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