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7 Ways To Add Space Without A Room Addition

Do you feel that your home is not using its space properly to maximize the living space? You are not alone. Many homes, especially older homes, have dysfunctional layouts and are not uniquely tailored to the homeowner’s lifestyle.  Here are 7 ways to give your home more visual space without adding onto your home with a room addition.

Combine your dining areas. Combine multiple dining areas, such as a breakfast nook and dining room. It will still be separate from the kitchen, but will open the space up so it feels larger.  If you do not have the need for a formal dining room, make this space a bit more casual and install a breakfast bar (with or without cabinetry) for quick meals.

Utilize corner windows. With corner windows you can capture spectacular views of the surrounding area. The additional sunlight creates a brighter living space, so your home will look and feel much bigger than before. To finish it off, add window treatments to enhance the ambiance of the space.

Create continuity with flooring. Choose flooring materials wisely. Using different surfaces for each area of your home, especially without a definitive breaking point will make it look choppy. To give the best look, stick with one to two surfaces throughout each level of the home.

Knock down some walls. Think about removing unnecessary walls to open space up.  Still need a visual separation? Knee walls can define a living space while still opening it up. This can be one of the most cost effective ways to open up space in your home.

Lower your window sills. Another great idea is to lower your window sills to gain more light into the room. Before doing so you may have to check the local codes to verify the maximum height at which tempered glass is required.

Use open stairs. Open stairs will not only give your home a new and aesthetically beautiful feel but they will also open up the view. Use open stairs when you can throughout your home.

Install see-through cabinets. See-through cabinets will brighten up the kitchen in addition to giving a bold look.

Room additions are the most effective way to give you the extra space you need, but there are other ways you can quickly and cost effectively add space in your home. By remodeling just a few spaces inside your home you can give your home a larger and refreshed feel.

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