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Modern Kitchen Design Elements – Are They For You?

Will Modern Kitchen Design Elements Work In Your Kitchen?

A kitchen remodel is one of the most desirable projects on many homeowners’ wish lists. The reason is simple: with the exception of sleeping, people spend more time in their kitchen than any other room of their home. There is also a trend toward cooking more meals at home and casual entertaining in the kitchen. For all of these reasons, many homeowners are moving toward a modern kitchen design that is both high-functioning and aesthetically-pleasing.

But what if you have a very traditional kitchen? Can you implement certain modern design elements, or do you have to undertake a major kitchen remodel?

Modern Kitchen DesignWhat Is A Modern Kitchen?

It’s important to understand the difference between modern and contemporary. Modern is a design style, whereas contemporary is what’s trending right now. Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances are contemporary right now, but they’re often paired with more traditional elements like inset or distressed cabinets, which are not modern.

So what is a modern kitchen? In general, modern kitchen design elements include:

  • Frameless Cabinets With Flat Panel Doors – also called Euro-frameless, overlay, or full overlay, the idea is that the door completely covers the cabinet frame when closed, creating a sleek continuous look.
  • Simple Hardware – stainless steel and free of tooling, modern hardware is often a simple horizontal or vertical pull bar.
  • Heavy Horizontal Lines – long counters, horizontal wood grain, stacked horizontal drawers, and horizontal cabinets create a consistent theme that is distinctly modern in style.
  • Minimalist Style, Very Little Ornamentation – where a contemporary kitchen might have multi-colored tile backsplash and heavily veined granite, a modern kitchen has a monotone backsplash and solid surface counters with very light or no variation. Simple pendant lights, a modern chandelier that doubles as an art piece, and a bowl of fruit on the table are all that’s needed to adorn a modern kitchen.
  • Industrial Elements – concrete, stainless steel and simple lighting.

Will Modern Kitchen Design Elements Work In Your Kitchen?

For many homeowners who want to make the move to a modern kitchen, a complete remodel is often the most effective way to get an authentic look. Especially in a very traditional kitchen, there is no way to make inset cabinets look modern. Similarly, dark granite with heavy veins of brown and burgundy or gray and black will still look out of place even with frameless cabinets and sleek hardware.

However, if you already have shaker or louvered cabinets and a solid color countertop, it may be possible to get a modern-like look with some minor remodeling projects like painting the cabinets, replacing hardware, updating the backsplash and changing the lighting. But it may still be challenging to achieve the consistency and cohesiveness of clean lines that is so important in true modern design.

Synergy Builders Can Help You Achieve A Modern Kitchen Design

If you’re interested in modern kitchen design or any kitchen design, Synergy Builders in Chicago is a well-known design-build firm with extensive experience in modern kitchen remodels. From designing the space, to selecting materials, down to the last details, we make your kitchen remodeling experience enjoyable and hassle-free. Start your remodel by contacting us at 630.293.8070 for a complimentary consultation.

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