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Kitchen Remodeling In Naperville: 2016 Design Trends

Design Trends For 2016 Kitchen Remodeling In Naperville

kitchen remodeling NapervilleIs your kitchen layout practical for everything your family uses it for? Do the colors and design aspects make you happy when you walk in the room? If you’ve been considering kitchen remodeling in Naperville, check out some of the latest kitchen design trends for inspiration.

Kitchen Design Trends For Functionality

How your kitchen functions can make a major impact on storage, prep time, and ease of use. If you’re struggling with cluttered cabinets or sticky handprints on every imaginable surface, these design trends are for you:

  1. Hydraulic Cabinets. If it sounds fancy, it’s because it is! With the push of a button, modern cabinet doors can lift up and fold out of the way. For big and small kitchens alike, having multiple cabinet doors open while you and guests bob and weave to avoid hitting your head is inconvenient. Hydraulic cabinet doors can be left open – and out of the way – while you select place settings or put away dishes.
  1. Storage Inside Of Storage. Large drawers and deep cabinets are goldmines of wasted space. Cabinet manufacturers are coming up with clever ideas to utilize that space, giving you more nooks and crannies for gadgets than ever before. Think pull out shelves, inner-door racks, and even smaller drawers inside of drawers!
  1. Smart Workspaces. Modern kitchen designs have workspaces set aside specifically for mobile and smart devices. From hidden chargers in drawers to sleek countertop docking stations, a smart workspace designed for your family ensures devices are always charged and on-hand.

Kitchen Design Trends For Aesthetics

Even the most high-functioning kitchen will fall flat if it doesn’t look and feel like home. If you feel like your kitchen could use a facelift, these design trends are for you:

  1. Out With White, In With Gray. While white will always have a place in kitchens, new designs are using various shades of gray on cabinets, pairing it with rich wood tone accents and classic stone coloring in solid surface countertops. You can also reverse this trend, opting for some of the new gray and neutral colors in countertops, paired with dark cabinets and light backsplashes.
  1. Add A Splash Of Color. While this is no new trend in kitchen design, the placement of the color is. Instead of a white or stainless sink, choose a red, green or blue farmhouse sink for a bold statement. The same color can be carried through to accents like pendant lights, wall art and even countertop stand mixers!
  1. Explore Countertop Materials. Granite, followed closely by quartz, is still the top choice for countertops, but there are a wide range of other materials gaining in popularity. Solid surface countertops by manufacturers such as Corian mimic granite and stone patterns, and also come in a wide range of solid colors to compliment modern kitchen designs. Marble, silestone, stained and polished concrete, stainless steel, and butcher block counters are also becoming commonplace, especially when mixed with other materials to create separate workspaces.

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