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Kitchen Remodeling In Naperville | Countertop Options

Kitchen Remodeling In Naperville Focuses On Unique Countertop Materials

kitchen countertop remodeling NapervilleKitchen counters have come a long way from the days of laminate or butcher block. Today’s choices run the gamut from classic to modern and from jazzy to subdued. Take a look at some of the latest trends we’ve noticed in kitchen remodeling in Naperville.

Countertop Choices For Kitchen Design In Naperville

There is truly something for everyone in kitchen countertops these days, regardless of your home style or your budget restrictions.

  • Poured Concrete. Poured concrete offers all of the strength and durability of concrete with the added benefit of colors, plus it can be cast in any shape or size. Concrete looks great in natural, organic homes or minimalist homes. You will need to seal the concrete to repel stains and be careful about putting hot pots and pans on the sealed area, but otherwise this is a low-maintenance choice that actually looks better with age!
  • Wood. Wooden countertops are classic. Today’s styles are available in butcher block or even reclaimed wood, which makes them a smart choice for the eco-conscious or for those who just want a rustic feel to their kitchen. Like concrete, wooden counters should be sealed to prevent staining and water intrusion. You will also want to oil it occasionally to prevent the wood from drying out. Wood is a soft material, so do your best to protect it from nicks, scrapes, scratches, and burning by using hot pads, trivets, and cutting boards.
  • Cork. Cork is another great sustainable choice in countertops. It is dense, but lightweight with the added benefit of sound absorption! Cork has been used for ages in wine and beer barrels because it’s water and heat-resistant and has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Stainless Steel. There is a reason restaurants have stainless steel prep areas. The material resists water, heat, and germs. In the home, it gives a modern, clean, minimalist feel, but you’ll need to be careful to keep this look. Steel is susceptible to dings and dents, not to mention little fingerprints! Regular waxing and polishing can help protect the surface.
  • Soapstone. Soapstone is another great, natural option in kitchen countertops. Made up of talc and quartz, soapstone is greyish in color. Although beautiful, it is subject to scratching and denting, like stainless steel. But, these blemishes can be sanded or oiled away.
  • Recycled Glass. Another environmentally friendly choice, recycled glass is beautiful, available in many colors, is easy to care for, and has a long life expectancy. Periodic sealing helps extend the life of this countertop. It can be pricy, however. It’s not as expensive as granite, but it’s also not a budget-conscious choice.
  • Pewter. Another metal choice is pewter. Dark and silvery in color, it is softer and less clinical looking than stainless steel. But since it’s a softer material it will show dents and nicks so you’ll need to protect the surface when you’re working on it. Hammered designs are common; they add interest and help disguise natural dents. Pewter works equally as well in traditional homes, as it does in modern homes.
  • Slate. Yes, slate is used for more than roofs and patios. On the hardness scale, slate is harder than marble but softer than granite. The natural surface is uneven, which some people love and others don’t. The natural appearance is dull and matte, so it does not work well in high-gloss kitchens. Maintenance is no more difficult than cleaning with soap and water and taking precautions to protect the surface from hot pots and pans.
  • Quartz. Quartz is a strong, scratch-resistant, natural material, making it very durable and easy to care for. It is easier to clean than granite, does not require sealing, comes in a wide variety of colors, and has a long life expectancy. It’s a great choice if you like natural mineral countertops, but want something that is a bit different from granite.

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This is just a sampling of today’s countertop options. No matter what your home style, design preferences, or budget, there is a countertop material that is right for you. Learn more about materials and develop a truly unique kitchen design in Naperville with help from Synergy Builders. Contact us at 630-293-8070 or visit our kitchen gallery to get started!

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