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Kitchen Design Naperville: Picking the Right Color

Designers and psychologists have long known that color affects mood. Deep down, you probably know this too. There are some colors we are just drawn to and others we avoid. Colors can evoke memories and feelings we didn’t even know we had. The use of color is a science to some degree and choosing just the right shade is something interior designers have perfected. There are certain colors that work best in bedrooms; others work best in the kitchen. It’s the use of color for kitchen design in Naperville homes that we want to discuss here.

Popular Colors For Kitchen Remodeling Naperville

There is something to be said for all-white kitchens. They are a classic and make rooms look brighter and bigger when used well. When used poorly, however, they can make a room feel sterile and cold. Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to choosing wall color in your kitchen design Naperville. Local homeowners are getting bolder with color in their kitchen remodeling Naperville, especially with the rise of stainless steel appliances. The metal can look too clinical in an all-white kitchen. Color helps soften the metal and make a room welcoming. Some popular alternatives to whites and off-whites are:

  • Yellows. It is the classic sunny and bright color. It’s popular in kitchens where we want to shake our groggy state in the morning. Energizing and happy, yellow can boost your mood after a long day at work. Be careful of the hue you choose though. Too-bright hues are overwhelming. Opt for calmer, more subdued yellows for a traditional kitchen look.
  • Browns, Golds, and Harvest Colors. Think of the coziest kitchens and restaurants you know. They tend to be darker colors, don’t they? Browns, golds, and harvest colors are warm and inviting, evoking a feeling of the hearth. If you aren’t sure about using them on the walls, consider painting your cabinets one of these darker hues.
  • Blues and Greens. Most often associated with bedrooms and bathrooms, blues and greens are not typically found in kitchens, but they can work if you do it right. These colors bring the outdoors in and are very soothing. The best options are not too light and not too dark. Bold and beautiful is the way to go if you’re planning to use blue or green in your kitchen. You’re probably also better off limiting its use to one wall or a backsplash, rather than all over color.
  • Reds. You see it in every study about mood. Red makes us want to eat. So why don’t we see it used in kitchens more often? Red raises a room’s energy level and is good for upping the excitement. It can be stimulating and foster conversation. These are all great for a dining room (hence, why you see so many restaurants that have a red theme throughout), but it just doesn’t translate well to the kitchen. The color is too busy and vibrant unless it’s used in small doses. If you love red, use it as an accent color in your kitchen remodeling Naperville. There are plenty of counter top appliances that are red, as well as tablecloths and dishes.

Color Considerations for Kitchen Remodeling Naperville

So, how do you pick a color for your kitchen design Naperville? Besides how colors make you feel, consider:

  • Lighting source. What kind of lighting does the room have? How much of it is natural light? Keep in mind the lighting changes during the day, which can impact how a color appears. Leave your sample up for at least a full day so you can gauge how it looks in all light levels.
  • Size of the kitchen. Lighter colors can help small kitchens feel cozy instead of cramped. Darker colors can help large kitchens feel more intimate instead of cavernous.
  • Use inspiration. Have you found a backsplash or countertop that you love and is definitely going to be the showpiece of the kitchen? Use that for inspiration. Pick colors that complement the piece or that draw out colors within it.
  • Your personality. Your home is a reflection of you and your personality. Don’t be swayed by what the latest design recommendations or the color of the year. These things will come and go, but your personality won’t. Choose a color that you love and work with it. If it’s too much for all over color, use it as an accent color.color kitchen renovations brown yellow

Contact Synergy Builders For Kitchen Design Naperville

Choosing the right color and color combinations can be intimidating. Many people feel a lot of pressure to get it right the first time, but keep in mind – it’s just paint. If it ends up feeling all wrong, you can just paint over it!

You can avoid that extra work however, with help from the kitchen design Naperville experts at Synergy Builders. Our designers will help you create a new kitchen from scratch. That includes picking colors that create the feelings and moods you desire while complementing your appliances, countertops and cabinets.

Visit Synergy Builders to learn more about kitchen remodeling Naperville.

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