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Beyond The Work Triangle: 5 Popular Elmhurst Kitchen Design Floorplans

One of the most classic of Elmhurst kitchen design floorplans is the “work triangle.” The work triangle floorplan is popular because it is an efficient use of space. The sink, stove, and the refrigerator are located close to one another in a triangular format to maximize efficiency movement in the food prep area. This concept worked well when the kitchen was devoted to the sole function of preparing food and that food was prepared by one person.

Today’s kitchens are much more multi-functional and food preparation duties are often shared among family members. What once was an efficient use of space can suddenly become very crowded. Depending on how you use your kitchen and how many people are there to help you, you may appreciate another type of floorplan. Here are five of our favorite Elmhurst kitchen design floorplans.

5 Floorplans Popular In Elmhurst Kitchen Design

  • Islands are a great choice if you want to add more workspace and/or storage to your kitchen. Some islands even hold appliances like a cooktop or sink. These features can be used as an extra place to eat or prepare foods or just socialize. They can be used to change the kitchen’s original kitchen remodel napervilledesign from a one wall to a galley or from an L-shape into a horseshoe. The only downside to islands is the space they take up. They don’t fit in every kitchen; you’ll need to have adequate clearance to add one.
  • One-Wall Designs. Studios and lofts are known for having one-wall kitchen designs. In these space-saving floorplans, everything is lined up side-by-side along one wall – cabinets, appliances, storage, etc. Many modern designs include an island to create a sense of separation between the kitchen and the rest of the room. One-wall designs are best suited for small spaces and homes in which there is only one cook. When the kitchen takes up two walls with a walkway through the middle, it’s called a galley kitchen, which is another efficient use of space.
  • L-Shapes. L-shaped designs work well in small and mid-sized kitchens. The design maximizes corner space by adjoining two perpendicular walls to form an L. L-shapes eliminate traffic backups and lend themselves well to adding additional features like a dining table, an island, or multiple work zones.
  • Horseshoe floorplans add one more bank of walls/cabinets/countertops than the L-shape to form a U. Many times that third wall is an island, sometimes it is connected to the L, and sometimes it is literally a third wall so that kitchen wallspace is maximized. Horseshoe floorplans work best in larger kitchens where there is more freedom of movement and space.
  • A peninsula is an island that is connected to a L-shaped layout. This can turn an L-shaped kitchen into a horseshoe or turn a horseshoe kitchen into a G-shape. Small peninsulas can be added to break up the kitchen workspace into two distinct zones and allow smaller kitchen to have many of the same benefits of an island without requiring quite the same amount of square footage.

Make Your Kitchen More Functional With Help From Synergy Builders

If your Elmhurst kitchen design needs to be updated or if your current layout just isn’t working for you, contact Synergy Builders for a design consultation. Keep in mind that designs do not have to be “cookie-cutter” in nature. There are plenty of creative options that will make your kitchen uniquely yours!

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