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5 Popular Naperville Kitchen Trends To Consider

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. So much life happens there, from early morning cups of coffee, to preparing Thanksgiving dinner, to late night snacking. For this reason, it’s important that your kitchen is both beautiful and functional. You want a space that not only fits your personal style, but that is also conducive for cooking, entertaining, and cleaning. Perhaps your current kitchen is not ideal and you’re thinking it may be time to talk to a designer about remodeling. When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Naperville, you have many different design options to choose from. Below, we will list some of the current trends in kitchen remodeling in Naperville.


#1 – Duel-fuel Ranges


There have been discussions for years about gas versus electric ranges. Which are better for cooking? Is quality lost with the convenience of electric? One current trend is the popularity of duel-fuel ranges. These ranges utilize both gas and electric, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. They come in a variety of styles, so you can be sure to find a look that fits your home best.


#2 – Modern Cabinetry


The trend in cabinetry is going in a very modern direction. Innovative, out of the ordinary surfaces such as bamboo, aluminum, and semi-translucent glass are becoming increasingly popular. Many of these 21st century cabinet designs have done away with hardware, featuring touch-latch cabinet fronts. Floating units are another trendy, modern feature used in kitchen remodeling in Naperville.


#3 – Custom Coffee Station


Mornings can be hectic as you get ready for work and get the kids out the door for school. Save some time and take your morning coffee to the next level by including a built-in coffee center in your kitchen remodel. These built-in coffee centers not only look amazing, but also save you counter space. Imagine making your customized coffee, espresso, or cappuccino every morning with the simple press of a button. Say goodbye to starting your day by fumbling with coffee filters, scooping coffee grounds, and measuring water.


#4 – Innovative Stove Hoods


Stove hoods have traditionally been very boxy. In terms of kitchen remodeling in Naperville, modern stove hood designs are featuring more fluid, sculptural shapes. They combine stainless steel with innovative materials such as treated glass and even wood. Stove hoods are available in a variety of colors, materials, and textures, giving you many choices.


#5 – Custom Countertops For Kitchen Remodeling In Naperville


There are many different style and design options when it comes to choosing countertops. The trend in countertops is moving from ordinary to designer. Features such as marble slab inserts and wooden butcher blocks add custom details that are both functional and aesthetical. Some of the trendiest material choices for countertops include stone, stainless steel, wood, and engineered quartz.


When remodeling your kitchen, take the latest trends into consideration. But more importantly, choose styles and designs that your family loves, whether ultra modern or timeless and traditional. After all, you’re the ones who get to enjoy it.


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