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3 Key Factors To Consider When Planning A Naperville Kitchen Remodeling Project

Home remodeling in Naperville means carefully considering a wide range of factors; however, a Naperville kitchen remodeling project requires even more systematic thought and planning. Cabinet style, color palettes, and even the strategic placement of all appliances are just some of the many details that you’ll need to put your personal stamp on as you move through the Naperville kitchen remodeling experience. Without giving all of these factors the attention they require, you may find yourself at the end of your home improvement project without feeling that the final look measures up to your initial vision.


RAH_6548Important Details To Think About Before Moving Forward With Your Kitchen Remodel

Of course, before thinking about details during the renovation process, you must actually think about the considerable factors that warrant attention before moving forward with the home improvement project itself. At Synergy Builders, we strongly suggest considering three important variables when moving forward with your Naperville kitchen remodeling project, including:


# 1 – Complete Renovation vs. Minor Remodel

At Synergy Builders, we know that not all home remodeling in Naperville requires a complete re-do; sometimes all a home needs is just a simple esthetic facelift. Outlining both minor and major options can help you determine what makes the most sense for you.


# 2 – Your Personal Budget

Budget always plays a key role in any home improvement project. Knowing what you can comfortably afford to pay for a remodel or renovation is a key consideration before being able to move forward. Always ask for an upfront project estimate and consultation to pinpoint exactly what your budget will allow as well as peace of mind once the renovation begins.


# 3 – Biggest Return On Investment

It’s no secret that a Naperville kitchen remodeling project often yields the biggest return on overall investment. Yes, there will be certain amenities that you’ll want no matter what the return, should you sell your home at any point. However, you will also want to carefully consider creating a balance between your personal must-have list and a list of features that enhance your home’s value. As you begin the process, consider various product lines, alternative materials, specific functionality and even repurposing options to help incorporate all the features you love, without losing the value on your investment.


If you’re considering a kitchen renovation project, Synergy Builders’ can help. Check out our gallery of finished projects and client testimonials today for more information!

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