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Winter Home Maintenance

Be sure both the air intake and outtake vents are clear of snow and debris.  During the winter months, snow, debris, and even critters and animals can cause problems with blockage to your water heater vents. Follow some of these tips to prevent issues to your home this winter! 

When the air intake of the water heater is blocked, it could very well cause the water heater to stop working entirely. Double check to be sure your water heater is getting enough air to to start up properly. If the water heater’s exhaust outtake vent is blocked, this could cause build up and damage your water heater or worse cause a carbon monoxide backup.

Or, you may think your water heater is working just just fine or seemingly so…Even if your vents are partially blocked, you’re systems are not working to their highest efficiency.  Wasted energy means wasted money. And nobody wants that!

With that being said, just a friendly reminder to double check and ensure you have no blockages so you’re home can be as efficient and issue free as possible this winter season!

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