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Warm Up With Radiant Heat

Can you imagine anything cozier in the morning than getting out of bed as your feet meet a luxurious warm floor that screams “no socks required?”  On a cold and dreary day there is nothing worse on your bare feet than an ice cold floor.  Unless cold weather has you dancing on that icey floor, you might try a radiant in-floor heating system.

Radiant in-floor heating systems, such as Nuheat or Warmly Yours provide soothing warmth to many types of surfaces like tile, stone, concrete, laminate, carpet, hardwood, or engineered wood.  They are easy to install, affordable, and virtually maintenance free, making them a popular choice in many areas of the home, like kitchens and bathrooms.



You may be asking, do the floors heat the whole room or just the floor?  The answer is…the whole room!  In lieu of heating and reintroducing warm air into a room, the heat emanates from the entire floor surface, creating even, consistent heat most concentrated under the 6 foot high mark. This means consistent comfort despite a cooler ambient air temperature. And by maintaining cooler ambient temperature – while still maintaining comfort – energy cost is reduced and heating becomes more efficient.

Control the Temperature with this Thermostat!

Control the Temperature with this Thermostat!

Also, a benefit of radiant heating for allergy sufferers: The absence of outside air moved in and around a home.  Electric in-floor heating systems generate an even heat throughout your  home and will not disturb dust –reducing the chance of possible allergic reactions. What’s more, heated floors reduce noise levels and the amount of dry air in your home.  No more electric shocks when turning lights on/off.  There are  also no moving parts so it is 100% maintenance free and will last the life of the floors. Because the heating source is safely encased, there is no concern of  furniture, drapes or children coming in contact with it.

Never Shovel Again!

Never Shovel Again!

Another awesome option to consider…

Snowy winters are a pain, especially when you have to shovel and salt your driveway, patio, and walkway constantly. But with snow melting products and de-icing solutions, you can stay comfortable inside and let the pavement do the work for you.

Nuheat and Warmly Yours offer a selection of snow melting systems that heat driveways and all concrete or pavement around your home, as well as roof and gutter de-icing solutions  and portable snow and ice-melting systems.

With the help of radiant heat, you will surely be comfortable indoors…and out!  To learn more about radiant heat in your next remodel project, call us at 630.293.8070.


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