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Tips For Living Through Your Home Improvement Naperville

Home improvement Naperville projects are exciting for most homeowners, until they realize their kitchen or bathroom will be out of commission for a few weeks. Then the excitement starts to fade as the reality of a major construction project sets in. While there is no way to avoid the downside of your home improvement, Naperville remodeling company, Synergy Builders, have several tips to help minimize its impact on your life. This way, you can make it through the project with your sanity intact.

4 Tips for Living through your Home Improvement Naperville Project

Home improvement of a Naperville home means teams of construction professionals in your home day home construction remodelingafter day, bringing along with them tools, dust, and noise. For some home improvement Naperville projects, like basements, this is merely a minor inconvenience, particularly if you don’t use the area very often or can block it off from the rest of the house. For other highly lived-in areas, like kitchens and bathrooms, there are real challenges to living through a remodel. Keep these tips in mind if you’re planning to stay in your home during a home improvement Naperville project:

  1. Create a construction-free zone. The contractor will do their best to seal off the work area from the rest of the home. This will minimize dust and debris infiltrating the home and clearly define the construction-zone. You can take this a step further by using doors that do not enter the construction zone, when possible. You want to maintain this construction-free zone to maintain some semblance of normalcy throughout the project.
  1. Set ground rules with the contractor in advance. The best way to maintain some semblance of control in your home during a major project or renovation is to set the ground rules in advance. Discuss with the contractor things like daily start and end times, which entrances to use, where to park, where to store tools and materials, who has a key to the house, which areas are off-limits to the crew, clean-up expectations, and anything else of importance to you.
  1. Plan ahead according to the improvement. Every home improvement Naperville project has its own challenges and requirements and will affect your life differently. Plan around these challenges. For example plan:
  • Create a makeshift kitchen

If your kitchen will be gutted and unavailable for use during the project, create a makeshift kitchen. A microwave and toaster oven can meet most cooking needs. A bathtub can serve double duty as a sink.

  • Plan for when the water is shut off

Find out how long the water will be shut off for and adjust your plans. Move to a hotel or stay with friends and family if bottled water and makeshift bathing options just won’t cut it.

  • Protect property

Make sure to store breakables, clothes that are not needed, valuables, etc. But also remove pictures from walls, put away furniture and rugs, and protect your electronics. Remodeling dust gets everywhere. It can travel through air vents affecting areas of the home that are nowhere near the project site. Some homeowners tape over their air vents to prevent dust from circulating through the house during a project.

  • Vacate the home when fumes are present

If fumes are present, it is necessary to leave the home vacant for a few days. If you have floors that have been refinished or cabinets that have been stained, the fumes can be very strong the first day or two. It is a very good idea to look for high quality house cleaning services in Wheaton, IL and Glen Ellyn, IL if you are in those areas. Take advantage of the forced time away to book a relaxing few days at an area hotel or B&B.

  1. Be available and communicate with the contractor. The most important rule of any project involving home remodeling in Naperville is to be available to the contractor. Issues come up all the time and any delay in communication can result in a project delay. It is crucial that the contractor be able to reach you to discuss the project and any issues that arise, but don’t worry about being overwhelmed with phone calls. Home remodelers know you are busy and have your own life to live during the remodel. They won’t call you unnecessarily.

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