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Synergy Builders’ Basement Finishing In Naperville Helps Reclaim Your Lower-Level Spaces

When it comes to increasing the overall living space in your home, the team at Synergy Builders understands that there are often many options to consider. Many prospective clients consult with us believing that a home addition or major renovation is the only way to get the space they need for their family’s current lifestyle. This isn’t always the case. At Synergy Builders, we often work with clients to configure basement finishing in Naperville as an ideal solution for their cramped space needs. basement-finishing-chicago

For most homeowners, basement finishing in Naperville will quickly open up a wide range of options for added livable space. No matter what the size and current layout of your home, most residential basements offer some options for a renovation. When partnering with Synergy Builders, we offer customized basement finishing in Naperville to help you reclaim previously unused living spaces and develop a space that you and your will family will wonder how you ever lived without.


Basement Finishing In Naperville: Space Enhancement Solutions

Think that basement finishing in Naperville can only be used to give the kids a playroom? Guess again. At Synergy Builders we offer state-of-the-art design innovations to make your lower level as esthetically pleasing and functional as the rest of your home. When we’re done, you and your guests may not even realize that you’re spending time in the lower level of your house.

Working with us means the sky is virtually the limit with basement finishing in Naperville; however, here are five innovative suggestions we offer for clients looking to increase their overall living space square footage:


The No Kids Room

Parents looking for a hangout spot to call their own? Using basement finishing in Naperville for an entertainment area is a very popular trend. Synergy Builders can help design a space that includes both fun and functional spaces. Bathrooms, kitchenettes, bar areas and even rooms for poker and gaming are just some of the ways you can make the space your own.


The Family Room

Of course, the basement also offers a perfect option for creating a space that welcomes all ages in your family. At Synergy Builders we take things up a notch from the standard playroom and work with clients to create a modern family room setup in the lower levels of their homes. We can cover cold floors and instantly warm them up with tiles, rugs and/or floating floor styles. Even structural pillars can often be hidden in drywall boxes so you’ll feel like you’re still enjoying main floor living.


The Movie Theater

Many of our clients want to go a step beyond the family room setup and delve into a multimedia entertainment area. Not a problem; we can create the space that gives you everything you’ll need for theater seating, along with a movie screen and sound system.


The At-Home Office

Looking for a practical workspace that gets you away from the chaos on your main floor? Our basement finishing in Naperville can help. We will work with the space you have to design a finished office that works with your desk, computer, file cabinets and printers.


The Tenant Space

Considering adding livable space in your home with the potential to rent it out? We can create an apartment or annex to your specifications so you can potentially add to your monthly income, or even offer living space to adult children or parents looking for a semi-independent living situation.


Are you ready to add on to your home by finishing the basement? Synergy Builders would love to help. Contact our team today for a risk-free project evaluation.

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