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survival tips to remodeling your home

You’re thinking about remodeling, but the thought of your home being torn apart has you stressed, right?  You’re not alone.  We come across families that have put off their projects far too long because the stress is too much to bear.  If this sounds like you, please read on.  I’ve compiled a list of tips from the experts here at Synergy Builders that will help you survive your next remodel.

1. You are going to experience dust…and a lot of it.  While we take measures to reduce the dust as much as possible with our Buildclean systems, there will still be some dust in just about every part of your home.  Make sure to pack all of your knickknacks and accessories to reduce the amount of items you will need to clean off.

2. When you are packing your things, take into consideration what is on the walls connecting the space you are planning work in.  The noise and vibrations can cause frames to fall of the wall, so these items should be cleared as well.

3. If you are remodeling your kitchen, start gathering recipes to make during construction that will be easy to cook in your makeshift kitchen.  Recipes for the grill or crockpot will come in very handy during this time and Pinterest has a ton of them!  You can also make dinners in bulk before the project and freeze them to heat up during the project.

4. Make a plan for children and pets.  If you have pets, they may not mind the workers and noise.  Many pets though do not care for this disturbance.  If this is the case for your pet, find out if a friend or family member can take care of them during the project.  You may also want to look into boarding them during noisy parts of the project.  If you have children, create a space for them where they can get away from any noise if need be. If your project disrupts their play area or homework area, a special place for these activities will help make them feel more comfortable with the changes.

5. It may be a good idea to put aside some extra money for a weekend getaway, especially during the drywall phase.  It is no doubt a huge disruption to daily life to have your home torn apart for weeks.  Some stages seem endless so getting away even for a weekend will be a great refresher.  A quick warning…if you are having site finished hardwood floors installed, the smell of the finish will be unbearable, so regardless of your stress level plan for a night or two away.

6. Make sure to finalize all of the decisions during the planning and design stage.  By making all layout and material selection decisions before the project starts, you will greatly reduce the amount of stress you experience.  The design team at Synergy  Builders will help you through this process, making it virtually painless…even a lot of fun! When all of these items are finalized before the project starts, materials can be ordered ahead of time and waiting for backorders or longer lead times will less likely affect the project timeline.

7. Have the clear expectation that your construction schedule can only be estimated and cannot be followed 100%.  There are many variables that can change the outcome of the schedule, such as weather, that we cannot control. Let’s face it, remodeling can throw a lot of different curve balls at us.  Our comprehensive process allows us to get ahead of most items that may get in the way of scheduling, but it would just be impossible to predict for everything that we come across. However, Synergy offers a timeline guarantee that pays you for every day we are not completed on time due to circumstances that are in our control.

8. Try not to use a big event or party at your house as the deadline for the project completion.  As mentioned above, you never know what could happen.  It is best to give yourself around 3 weeks of buffer time incase of a case.  Your stress level will increase the closer it gets to your event and you don’t want to have to deal with wrapping up a project during party planning (or any other major life event) time.

9. Plan for a clean and convenient area for a coffee and bagel station while your kitchen is torn up.  This could be in the basement or maybe your master bedroom.

10. Create a to-do list to get yourself organized while packing and preparing for demo day.  You’ll want to keep the things you still need to access handy and knowing where those things are when you need them will save on frustration.

11. If you are moving down to the basement during your 1st floor project, plastic off the ceiling where the work in being done upstairs.  Dust and debri will probably make its way down to the basement, so by doing this you will create a more comfortable living space and less headache for cleaning up!  This applies to the first floor during second floor projects as well.

12. When all else fails, you can rent an RV and park it in your driveway.  Sound silly?  We have had clients do this before and it made a difference in managing daily life for them.  It’s an option to consider depending on how large your project is and the length of time completion will take.

13. No matter what, try to go with the flow.  While we strive for perfection with every project, many times it does not go as planned.  There are always hiccups and they are different on every project.  Each one is as unique as the homeowners we work for, so by keeping an open mind as to what can occur it will be easier to deal with when something does (and it will) happen.  Synergy is here as a team to resolve these things as quickly and as stress free as possible so you don’t need to feel like you are left alone.  When you hire Synergy Builders you are hiring a team of dedicated professionals to take care of it for you.

There you have it, many useful tips to help you get ready for your next remodeling project.  If you have already been through a remodel and have anything to add to this list that might be useful to someone new to home projects, let us know! We’ll add it to the list.


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