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It is a known fact that during the remodeling process, dust is unfortunately generated at some point. But did you know that construction dust is the number one nuisance issue for homeowners during their remodel? Synergy uses Build Clean, a dust control system, offering a healthy solution! This is how it works-

  1. The Build Clean filtration system draws in air from it’s surroundings
  2. It passes the air through two particle-trapping filters
  3. In return, the system feeds out clean air into the environment.

Synergy not only wants you to love your finished space, but wants to protect you, your home, and your family during the remodeling process.


*If you’re considering remodeling space in your home, be sure to use a qualified quality contractor.* Call Synergy Builders (630) 293-8070 to set up  a meeting at your home for a complimentary estimate of your project. 

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