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Not Your Average Laundry Room: Trends In Interior Remodeling In Naperville Homes

The laundry room used to be a long-neglected spot in the home. Dark and cramped, the laundry room was for laundry only. Today, things have changed. Naperville homeowners are maximizing every bit of space in their homes and the laundry room is getting a makeover through interior remodeling in Naperville homes.


Making Best Use Of The Laundry Room

laundry room remodeling napervilleThe most basic level of interior remodeling of Naperville laundry rooms is simply making the room look and feel better. That means, adding flooring and ceiling tiles, bringing in more light, creating an organized layout and storage space for laundry-related items, and keeping it clean. But laundry rooms can be so much more!

Perhaps you want to add cabinets for closet storage and countertops for folding and ironing. That can be done! If the space is big enough you can even create different workstations. Designate an area for storage, gift-wrapping, sewing, dog washing, or even an office.

A multi-functional laundry room isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for many homeowners. The location of the laundry room dictates its function to some extent. For example, laundry rooms that are located right off the entry way or garage can be remodeled to double as a mudroom or storage space for sports gear. Basement laundry rooms are better suited for long-term storage and activities or tasks you won’t be doing every day like gift-wrapping. Main level laundry rooms have tons of possibilities. In addition to storage and mudroom use, we’ve even incorporated the laundry room into office design in Naperville homes. It does make sense – the laundry room is typically tucked away from the main living area and has a door. Both are crucial home office needs.

The size of the space will dictate its function too. You can make smaller laundry rooms bigger by stacking the washer on top of the dryer. Many of today’s models are designed for this specific purpose. While you’re at it, why not elevate both the washer and dryer so you don’t have to bend or squat to reach the clothing? Long countertops can raise the machines and provide underneath storage for detergents and supplies.


Other Space Saving Techniques Include:

  • A Pull-Down Ironing Board. The board folds back up to lay flat against the wall when not in use.
  • Behind-the-door storage. Over-the-door hooks and shelves can put smaller items right at eye level. Store hangars back there or smaller cleaning items like rubber gloves or stain sticks.
  • Using Light Colors On The Walls And Ceiling. Light colors always make small rooms look larger.
  • Add Organization. An organized laundry room will feel bigger regardless of its true size. Built-in shelving maximizes space by building up, instead of out.
  • Lighting. Adequate lighting is a must not only to make the room feel bigger but it’s a must for tasks too. Take advantage of windows if you have any. If not, add lights where it makes sense: under cabinets, floor lamps, table lamps, or overhead lights.


Talk To Synergy Builders To Learn More About Interior Remodeling Of Naperville Laundry Rooms

These are just a few of the possibilities for laundry rooms. Your laundry room design will depend on the location and size of the space as well as your needs. For custom interior remodeling of Naperville laundry rooms, contact Synergy Builders at 630-293-8070. We have designers on staff who will work with you to design a laundry room that is both beautiful and functional.

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