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Home Office Design Ideas For Home Remodeling In Naperville

Home Office Design Ideas For Home Remodeling In Naperville

The home office is enjoying a resurgence. Whether it’s due to the rise of telecommuting, a desire to keep work separate from home, or simply the need to have one place to pay bills and go through the mail, office remodeling in Naperville is a growing trend.

Part of that trend can be attributed to our altered expectations of what a home office should look like. Thanks to laptops, tablets, and home Wi-Fi we don’t need a dedicated room with a desk, computer, printer, and fax machine hooked into a wall jack to have a home office. We can be much more flexible and creative in designing an office during home remodeling in Naperville.

This opens up so many exciting possibilities! Offices can be as big or small or as obvious or hidden are you want. Here are some of our favorite home office trends in Naperville.

4 Ideas For Home Office Remodeling In Naperville

  • The Nook. The nook is great for small spaces. If you don’t have a room to dedicate to a home office, you can carve one out in bedrooms, kitchens, rec rooms, lofts, attics, and dens. A simple desktop built into a wall can be unobtrusive and just the space you need to park the kids to do their office remodeling Napervillehomework. Finish off the look by surrounding the desk with built-in bookshelves. Nooks can be placed anywhere there is a little extra wall space. They are popular in kitchens, where parents can multi-task dinner and take care of business needs, but they work equally as well in bedrooms, where school-age kids can have a little extra quiet and privacy to get homework done. Standing screens or even curtains hung from the ceiling can act as “walls” to the office if you want to create a separation between the office and the rest of the room.
  • Stand-Alone Offices. This is the traditional home office. If you work solely from home and have the space, a stand-alone office is a must. Stand-alone offices provide privacy but they also produce a distinction in your mind between work and home. You’ll be less distracted by the dirty dishes or piles of laundry if you have to physically walk into a separate area dedicated specifically for work. Unused guest rooms, dens, attics, basements, or any other little-used room can be turned into a stand-alone office during home remodeling in Naperville.
  • Hidden Workstation. This is for those of us who don’t like clutter, who don’t want to be distracted by the office in our day-to-day activities, or who just don’t have the space to dedicate significant office space. The good news is, we need less space than ever before in our home office. We have even seen workstations inside closets! Bi-fold doors close to hide the workstation when not in use and open up to reveal a workstation that’s just the right size. The concept can be used to take advantage of wasted space underneath staircases, in the form of a pull-down desktop underneath the kitchen cabinets or in the form of a pullout desktop under a hallway table.
  • Office Sheds. This fun idea is quickly catching on. A stand-alone garden shed in the yard can serve as your own private office! Office sheds can be as extravagant or as cost-efficient as you want. They can be simple lean-tos or un-insulated sheds without heat or electricity that you use occasionally when the weather is nice or they can act as a small addition to your home with electricity, heat, windows, and even skylights and a patio for year-round use and comfort. Office sheds are a great way to enjoy the fresh air and a fresh perspective! There are many pre-fab styles to choose from or, if you’re up for it, you can custom build your own!

Get More Ideas For Office Remodeling In Naperville From Synergy Buildershome office remodel

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