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Home Improvement In Naperville: Projects To Leave To The Pros

Home Improvement In Naperville: 5 Projects To Leave To The Pros

home improvement NapervilleWith more resources at our fingertips than ever before, handy homeowners are taking to the Internet to learn how to do everything from growing herbs to replacing a fuse box. Now, anyone anywhere can instantly learn DIY home improvement in Naperville. Whether they have the skills to correctly and safely complete the job… Well, that’s an entirely different story, and the topic of our post today. While anyone CAN technically DIY, there are still a few projects that are best left to the pros.

Here are our top five:

  1. New Electrical Wiring. Hanging a ceiling fan where existing wiring is ready for just that purpose is feasible. Running brand new wiring for six recessed lights in your living room is a job for the pros. If cutting into your ceiling without knowing what’s above you isn’t enough to deter you, know that one simple mistake with the new wiring (reversing neutral and hot wires, too short of wires, not using the proper clamps on cables, etc.) is enough to endanger your home and family. Unless you have electrical training, leave this job to the pros.
  1. Moving Plumbing. Again, certain DIY jobs are relatively simple, like replacing an existing leaky pipe or even installing a new toilet. Rerouting or extending pipes for a new bathroom remodel or kitchen configuration, especially if it requires groundwork plumbing, is a job for the pros. A mistake that causes an undetected leak could wind up costing you thousands in additional repairs in the long run.
  1. Trimming Trees. Small branches you can easily reach with a 10′ ladder are relatively safe. Cutting down a 75′, 100 year old oak? Don’t even think about it! Professional landscapers have the right equipment and years of experience properly felling trees.
  1. Demolishing Walls. Sure, it looks like a lot of fun when homeowners take sledgehammers to their walls on HGTV, but the reality is that they have experienced contractors guiding them. What could happen if you take down the wrong wall? It might be a load-bearing wall, meaning you could compromise the structural integrity of your home and it could cost thousands to fix. You might also run into electrical wiring or plumbing, even if there are no visible signs of either on the outside of the wall. Any time you want to move or remove a wall, call an experienced contractor.
  1. Anything That Requires A Permit. If you aren’t sure if the project you want to undertake requires a permit, it’s best to leave it to the pros. While homeowners can apply for permits, it has the potential to turn into quite the lengthy and stressful process. Local contractors know exactly what each project needs, how to quickly navigate the system, and most importantly, how to pass inspections when the time comes.

Let Synergy Builders Tackle Your Home Improvement In Naperville

When in doubt, the wise move is to call a professional. Synergy Builders is a full-serve design-build team, so we can assess your home improvement project from the beginning and complete all necessary work accurately, on time, and on budget.

Call us today at 630.293.8070 or request an estimate online to learn more about home improvement in Naperville.

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