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Where To Splurge And Save On Custom Bathroom Upgrades

Custom Bathroom Upgrades: Save Or Splurge?

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, you have many options for products, materials and features across a wide range of styles and price points. As with kitchens, potential home buyers scrutinize bathrooms and are generally more agreeable to paying more for spacious, upgraded spa-like Custom bathroom upgradesbathrooms. However, like with any remodel it’s important to consider:

  • How long you plan to live in the house
  • The overall investment versus value or potential return
  • Your personal preferences
  • The preference of buyers

When it comes to incorporating custom bathroom upgrades into your remodel, it’s possible to splurge on some while saving on others to still get a luxurious finished space.

Where To Splurge

One of the main places you should splurge is on the tile. Think of how many surfaces in your bathroom are covered with some type of tile or stone. Porcelain tile for the floor, shower and tub surround walls, and backsplash is still the most popular material in terms of versatility, durability and looks.

The shower is another place to splurge. Gone are the days of a high-ended jetted tub being a must have. Homeowners today are looking for large, walk-in showers with glass surround and multiple showerheads or hydrotherapy jets.

Large vanities with custom storage solutions are valuable to buyers. They can forget the cluttered cabinets and drawers and envision everything having its place, making for smooth and stress-free grooming every day.

Partitioned commodes are becoming the mainstream, even in smaller bathrooms. Ideally, you want to hide the toilet in a water closet with its own light and ventilation system; however, if that’s not possible, a full or half wall is better than nothing. Even with multiple people using today’s spacious and high-functioning bathrooms, privacy is still coveted.

Where To Save

The nice thing about custom bathroom upgrades is that it’s possible to “get the look for less” with many aspects of your remodel. For example, most lighting fixtures perform the same; the key is to have an adequate mix of overhead, task and ambient lighting. Splurge on the wiring and installation of enough lights, but save on the fixtures themselves.

Likewise, faucet fixtures and cabinet handles function the same at all price points. Pick a style you like and then compare models from various manufacturers. You will likely find that you can save hundreds on look-alikes.

And finally, save on the toilet. The commode industry has made significant strides in technology in recent years, but do you really need a fully-automated $6,000 toilet to do what needs to be done on a toilet? Probably not. New technology has made it possible to find highly rated, low-flow energy efficient toilets with powerful flushes that rival professional grade, for around $300.

One More Place To Splurge

A major bathroom remodel with custom upgrades is not the place to flex your DIY muscles. With so much plumbing and electricity crammed into a small place, the chance for error is high. Splurge on a design-build contractor that specializes in high-end bathroom remodels and get peace of mind that your custom bathroom upgrades will be installed with precise craftsmanship the first time.

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