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Our Process

Our Remodeling Process is made up of 6 important steps.  This process has been time tested and proven to help our clients experience a truly stress free remodel.  It is turn key from start to finish to allow you to feel at ease when working with Synergy.  Start the process today!

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Your project developer will visit with you to introduce Synergy Builders and discuss your vision for the space. The remodeling design build process will also be reviewed. By the end of this step, it will be determined if there is a mutual fit and next steps will be discussed.


Step 2: Conceptual Development

During this step, we begin to develop your project to determine if it will be feasible based on your preferences and budget. This will include a full field measure of the space. We will also get to know you and your lifestyle so we can help pull together a design that will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but functional for how you live.


Step 3: Construction Development

At this stage we begin construction ready drawings, all final material selections and layout decisions are made, and the production team verifies the scope of work onsite. Once these details are completed,  accurate project costs will be established.


Step 4: Material Procurement & Permit Processing

Once all final decisions are made, we begin to order all of the material needed for your project. We then stage the products as they arrive in our warehouse. Products are ordered in advance to ensure everything is here before we begin actual construction. During this time, our team will submit the permit for the project per the requirements of your local municipality. This stage is considered the start of your project and construction will begin as outlined in your schedule.



Step 5: Supervising Construction

Your project will include a single point of contact that will oversee the construction from start to finish.  You will receive your own Online Project Portal that contains every detail…from documents to photos to your approved schedule.  We have every element covered to set your project up for success.


Step 6: Warranty and Support

Synergy Builders offers a 3 year warranty of all craftsmanship on your project, as well as a Lifetime Support Team to help guide you through anything  that may come up in the future.




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