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Showers That Take Your Bathroom Remodeling To The Next Level

Showers That Take Your Bathroom Remodeling To The Next Level

If you’re considering ways to improve your home in Naperville, bathroom remodeling is a smart place to start, because you and your family can enjoy the benefits now, and you’ll realize a string return on that investment if you decide to sell your home later. One of the hottest trends in bathroom remodeling today are amazing showers you’ll never want to get out of. Including a large shower with premium features is one sure way to create a comfortable and beautiful bathroom that goes way beyond the basics.

  • Naperville Bathroom RemodelingRain Showers – Rain showers are an increasingly popular choice in homes of all types, because there is a wide variety of options and configurations, so whether you live in a middle class tract home or a huge custom home, there is a rain shower that’s right for you. Many rain shower systems start with a ceiling-mounted main showerhead, and some include lighting and waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Other types of rain showers are built around a large wall-mounted head. Choose a single head system or a multi-head system with hydrotherapy jets, which offers adjustable output from smaller, additional showerheads.
  • Waterfall Showers – Waterfall showers help create a spa-like atmosphere with the relaxing sound of water. Waterfalls can be built into the shower wall, which is visually appealing, in addition to the lovely sound, or they can take the place of a standard showerhead. A faucet-style waterfall can be mounted on the ceiling or in the shower wall above a bench, or aimed toward the center of the shower, whichever you will enjoy most.
  • Steam Showers – Steam shower systems required a carefully designed enclosure and ventilation, but the extra effort will seem very small when you’re relaxing in your steamy haven on a snowy day. Steam is beneficial for your skin, and can help you and your family to stay comfortable throughout allergy season and cold and flu season, as well. With adjustable lighting and audio and comfortable built-in benches, you may never want to leave your steam shower, but eventually, you’ll have to give someone else a turn.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling For Your Perfect Space

Does your dream bathroom feature the clean contemporary style of a chic hotel, the comforting environment of a spa, or a more naturalistic vibe with stone and wood incorporated into the design? Synergy Builders can help you design a breathtaking bathroom with the space you have to work with, and incorporating the style and features you want most. From design through demolition, build, and finish work, our team of professionals keeps your project running on time and on budget, with expert workmanship and top quality materials. You’ll enjoy the painless process and the outstanding results. Contact us for a complimentary consultation, and we’ll work with you to bring your ideas to reality.

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