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Professional Kitchen Remodeling Naperville

Professional Kitchen Remodeling Naperville

naperville kitchen design, kitchen remodeling NapervileYour kitchen is the central hub of your home. It’s where you, your friends and family gather for special occasions, visits and most obvious, it is where you go to cook and eat your meals. An out of date kitchen may not only look out of place in your home, but it may be limiting all the features a kitchen can offer. The experts at Synergy Builders provide professional kitchen remodeling Naperville services with the purpose of creating and remodeling your kitchen to be the modern kitchen of your dreams.

Modern is a design style and can be incorporated with contemporary features. Distinguishing the differences between modern and contemporary may be difficult, but to help, here are some of the elements of a modern kitchen:

  • Frameless Cabinets with Flat Door Panels – The idea is for the cabinet door to cover the cabinet when it is closed, providing a smooth look.
  • Simple Hardware – Things like simple pull bars.
  • Heavy Horizontal Lines – Horizontal cabinets, longer counters and stacked horizontal drawers.
  • Minimalist Style – Very little to no color variation such as monotone backsplashes and solid surface counters.
  • Industrial Elements – Simple lighting, stainless steel and concrete.

Top of the Line Kitchen Remodeling Naperville

As shown by research and surveys a vast majority of homeowners remodel their kitchen or even to a custom millwork kitchen to improve the look and feel of their space. While roughly half of homeowners surveyed said they want to upgrade features and appliances. One of the most beneficial aspects of Synergy Builders’ kitchen remodeling Naperville services is that small or minor kitchen remodels may help increase your home’s value.

The professionals at Synergy Builders are design specialists that thoroughly understand the latest innovations and concepts available in the marketplace. They can create a kitchen that is both fashionable and functional. Their expert design specialists will partner with you through the process and focus on key factors including:

  • Work Triangle – Working with you to decide what is most important to your culinary and lifestyle needs.
  • Traffic Flow – Foot traffic is a major consideration and you will be shown where foot traffic will be most frequent to help design a kitchen that will keep the traffic flow at an optimal pace.
  • Cabinet Contents –Synergy Builders go through the contents of their clients’ cabinets to find modern solutions that will work for you.
  • Style – Of course you want a kitchen with style. More important, a kitchen that reflects your sense of style and Synergy Builders pay careful attention to your sense of style when planning a kitchen remodel.

Synergy Builders Kitchen Remodeling Naperville

Taking on a project such as remodeling your kitchen alone can be a difficult task. There are a lot of details that go into planning a kitchen remodel and the experts at Synergy Builders are here to help. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, call today at 630-293-8070 or send an email at and one of their associates will get back to you shortly.

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