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Plan For Success With Your Kitchen Remodeling In Naperville

Getting ready to embark upon a kitchen remodeling in Naperville, but aren’t exactly sure where to start? The team at Synergy Builders knows that kitchen remodeling in Naperville requires homeowners to navigate through endless details before considering the project done.

Get The Results You Want From Your Kitchen Remodeling In Naperville

personalized kitchen renovationsIf you’re worried about achieving the results you want with your kitchen remodeling in Naperville, you’re not alone. However, you don’t have to give up on your dream kitchen due to this common concern. At Synergy Builders, we know that success can be easily achieved through careful planning and preparation. We work with our clients to help them outline five key considerations before beginning the renovation to ensure optimal success with any kitchen remodeling in Naperville.

Start Planning: Five Key Renovations Considerations

When you’re ready to begin strategizing your kitchen remodeling in Naperville, consider these five important factors:

#1 – Budget: No matter what type of renovation project you’re taking on, it’s critical to determine the specific details of your budget. If not planned properly, kitchen renovations can sometimes unearth unexpected costs. Synergy Builders makes every effort in the planning and design process to catch anything that could arise. Not sure where to start your budget planning? Partner with a professional team to help firm up what you can expect with your expenses.

#2 – Needs vs. Wants: Once your budget has been successfully outlined, take the time to consider the specific features and amenities that fall on your must-have list…and which ones are just details that would be nice to have. Summarizing what you need (vs. what you want) will create a checklist for you to work from throughout the process.

#3 – Room Flow: Next up, it’s time to give careful thought to the flow of your renovated room. A key component to work flow is the “triangle work area” that is found in many kitchens. Here, you’ll think about the placement of your refrigerator, stove and sink as well as how you’d like to create a working space for each appliance. The triangle work area, as well as emphasis on foot traffic in the room will help create a finite flow for your new kitchen.

#4 – Personal Style: Every homeowner has his/her own unique personal style. What’s yours? How will you incorporate your distinctive style into your new room? Are you looking for bright, bold accent pieces? Or will you opt for a neutral color palette with perhaps a darker accent wall? A great place to get started is on Houzz. It is an amazing resource to help give you a clear idea of what your new space will look like. If you haven’t been there already, check out Synergy Builders’ profile here. Knowing your specific taste can help you achieve the final look that you’ll love.

#5 – Materials & Finishes: Finally, it’s time to get to the fun stuff: picking out the products that will be installed in your space! Here, you’ll want to think about what type of materials and finishes you’ll use to make your dream kitchen a reality. Ask your designer about the maintenance on various finishes so you’ll know what’s expected to keep your new kitchen looking new for as long as possible.


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