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Create A Back-Up Kitchen During Your Kitchen Remodel by Naperville Contractors

There are a many ways to add value to your home in Naperville, but the best option is with Naperville kitchen remodeling. The return on the investment of a new Naperville kitchen remodeling is close to a guarantee. Naperville contractors are ready to consult with you and begin the process of transforming your kitchen right remodeling contractors

Naperville Contractors Make Naperville Kitchen Remodeling Easy

After you have the plans in place, Naperville contractors suggest that you get ready for the process by creating a makeshift kitchen space. Many homeowners worry about Naperville kitchen remodeling, because they think it will disrupt their routine too much. Here’s the good news; even though you’ll be renovating your kitchen with Naperville contractors, you’ll still be able to cook, eat, and clean up.

Naperville Contractors on How to Create A Temporary Kitchen Space

It’s a good idea to create a functional back-up kitchen to use while yours is completely gutted by Naperville contractors. Here are some ways to make a back-up kitchen that allows you to cook, store and prepare food while you wait for your Naperville kitchen remodeling to be complete:

  • Stovetop. Your microwave can temporarily replace your stovetop for boiling, heating, or re-heating. However, microwaves can’t imitate pan-frying. Think about purchasing a sandwich maker or electric grill that has the ability to brown your breads, eggs, and meats. Hot meals in the microwave are okay, but you will want a way to imitate the hot surface of a pan or broiler. These can also be placed and used on almost any surface, although you may want to put down a tablecloth to catch any spills or drippings.
  • Oven. This is probably the easiest function to duplicate during your Naperville contractors renovation, because just about everyone owns or knows someone with a slow cooker or grill. Using a slow cooker, like a Crockpot, does require some planning, since recipes take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to cook. However, even if you’re not remodeling your kitchen with Naperville contractors, you can put your ingredients into your slow cooker in the morning and have a hot meal waiting for you when you return home from work. The cooking mechanism of a slow cooker also makes it safe to use in rooms other than the kitchen. As long as you have a stable surface to put your slow cooker on, you are ready to go. Your grill can come in handy during your kitchen remodel, too. You can use a grill as it was intended, to grill your food. Many families purposefully remodel their kitchens with Naperville contractors in the summer during grilling season, because they’re not using their kitchen much anyway. Also, a grill can easily be used to bake. The key is to keep an eye on the temperature and use indirect heat. If your grill does not have a built-in thermometer, you can easily and cheaply buy a cooking or grill thermometer to monitor the temperature.
  • Counters. For most people, the kitchen counters store keys, mail, groceries, utensil holders, knife blocks, and maybe a coffee pot or blender. They are also the place to chop, mix, blend, or otherwise prep for cooking. To accommodate the renovation, take a page straight out of the college dorm décor handbook and purchase a few stacking crates. Place about 6 crates into a 3 x 3 grid, and you have instant, temporary storage. You can make this long, flat surface even more functional by securing a cheap piece of particle-board to the top.
  • Sink. Bathrooms have sinks, however, those places are already designated for brushing your teeth and washing your face and hands. It’s tough to brush your teeth over a pile of dishes. And the kinds of things that you wash in a utility sink probably shouldn’t mix with the dishes that you eat off of. Here is a better idea; get two basins that you can keep near the table where you eat and select only enough dishes for one meal. Two good, sturdy plastic wash basins or big plastic storage bins will do the trick; stack them one inside the other. The top basin can hold the dirty dishes and transport them to the sink of your choice. As you wash them, they can go into the basin for clean dishes. Afterwards, simply clean the first basin and put it underneath the basin that’s now full of clean dishes. All of this can be stored on or near the table. This will also eliminate the need to access your cabinets!

Get Started On A Naperville Kitchen Remodeling Today with Naprville Contractors

Naperville Kitchen remodeling is a great investment, and with some preparation, you won’t miss your kitchen at all while it undergoes renovation by Naperville contractors. With a little advance planning and help from Naperville contractors, your Naperville kitchen remodeling won’t inconvenience you too much. In the end, you will have a beautiful, functional space that will be an asset to your home’s value, as well as an oasis for you and your family.

For more information about starting your Naperville kitchen remodeling process, call the Naperville contractors at Synergy Builders at 630-293-8070.

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