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Your kitchen is the heart of your home and there is nothing worse than a dysfunctional kitchen. It is important to have a balanced mix of function and aesthetics in any great kitchen design. The kitchen needs to be functional for cooking, entertaining, and cleaning up. It should also fit your personal taste and style.


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Synergy Builders: The Ultimate Resource For Kitchen Remodeling in Naperville

Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of any home. This space is so much more than where you prepare your meals. A kitchen is the centralized hub where we relax, unwind and spend quality time with the people that mean the most to us.

Since this room plays such a critical role in our home lives, when the time comes to restore, repair and/or renovate, it’s important to partner with the right kitchen design team to make the space you dream about, a reality. If you’re ready to move forward with kitchen remodeling in Naperville, Synergy Builder’s innovative team of designers has the experience and talent to bring your project to life.

The Best Kitchen Remodeling & Design Available

Research shows that kitchen remodels just make good sense. According to the 2014 Houzz and Home Survey, the vast majority of homeowners (78%) remodeled to improve the look and feel of their space. Many also wanted to make the space more functional (54%), increase home value (52%), and upgrade features and appliances (47%). These are all things that a good kitchen remodel can do, and when people do remodel their kitchen, research also shows that 65% of people prioritize ease of storage, and 46% prioritize entertaining.

Best of all, kitchen remodels deliver great returns on investment. According to Remodeling Magazine‘s 2015 Cost vs Value Report, minor kitchen remodels recoup the most out of all interior remodeling projects.

However, that’s not a guarantee. If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, you’re going to need to work with the best. We believe that we offer the best in terms of kitchen design and remodeling, but don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few reasons you can trust us over other kitchen remodeling services to do a great job.

Ask For Referrals.

A good contractor will be willing to put their money where their mouth is, and show you what they can do. After all, if they’re as good as they say they are, they should also have people willing to vouch for them. To see why we’re the best kitchen remodeling and design team, check out our kitchen gallery online to see what we can do for you.

Find Out How Much Experience They Have.

Everyone needs to get their start somewhere, but if you really want to get the best kitchen remodeling Naperville’s got, then you need to find someone with the years of experience to back it up. Synergy Builders was founded in 2002, and for more than a full decade has been helping people realize their dream homes.

Check to See If They’ve Won Any Awards.

If a company does good work, their efforts will surely be recognized. Synergy Builders has been a part of the Qualified Remodeler’s “Top 500 Remodelers” list for the past seven consecutive years, has been presented with the Remodeling 550 Award for the last eight years, and has been a part of Remodeling magazine’s Big 50.

Work With Our Team of Design Specialists For Your Kitchen Design

Why should you consider working with Synergy Builders for your kitchen remodeling project? Our design specialists understand the latest innovations and concepts available in the marketplace. The result? We can create a design for your kitchen that is both fashionable and functional – you and your family will love spending time in our final layout.

Most importantly, working with Synergy Builders means that you will receive personalized attention for a one-of-a-kind, customized space that will instantly feel like home. Our professional staff members will partner with you throughout the process to consider several key factors such as:

Work Triangle: This design concept is a classic for a reason – it can play a major role in every Naperville kitchen remodeling project. We will partner with you to decide what’s most important to your culinary needs and lifestyle. Using that input, we can create a room where each workspace is separate.

Traffic Flow: Foot traffic is also a major consideration in any kitchen design and remodeling project. We will help you address where foot traffic will fall so we can keep the flow at an optimal pace.

Cabinet Contents: Yes, really. Many design firms underestimate the importance of going through client’s cabinet contents. Not Synergy Builders. We will systematically go through what you have as well as what you need to create solutions for inserts that work for you.

Style: Last, but certainly not least, Synergy Builder pays careful attention to every customer’s specific sense of style when planning your kitchen. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to have a room that truly reflects their own personal fashion tastes. What is yours? Are you edgy and trendy? Or, do you fall more in the range of timeless and traditional. Whatever style statement you are looking to make with your kitchen remodeling in Naperville, Synergy Builders can help you make it.

Don’t Go It Alone: Contact Synergy Builders Today For Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Sure, you could try to tackle your Naperville kitchen remodeling project on your own, but why would you want to? Contact the kitchen design team at Synergy Builders today, our team of experts is standing by to schedule your risk free project consultation now!


Some important elements to consider when doing your kitchen remodeling:

  • Keep the work triangle in mind…each workspace is separate.
  • The contents of your cabinets…what inserts could be really useful in the new kitchen?
  • The flow of your floorplan…where will foot traffic be?
  • Style…Do you dare to be trendy or is timeless more your style?

There is a lot of detail that goes into planning for your new kitchen remodel. Your kitchen remodel could be the first and last you ever do. Why try to blindly tackle something you have never done before? Let the kitche design experts at Synergy Builders handle the stuff they know best, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the process as it unfolds. You won’t be disappointed you did!

Whether you need a complete over haul of your layout, need to increase space by knocking down walls or adding on, or you simply need a facelift; Synergy’s kitchen design team is ready to make living easier in your new kitchen!

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