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Beyond The Playroom: Targeting Your Basement In A Naperville Home Remodeling

basement design napervilleAre you struggling to fit everyone and everything comfortably inside your home? At Synergy Builders, as a leading provider of Naperville home remodeling, we understand completely. No matter how much room you thought you had when you first purchased the property, over time as your family expands and your possessions increase, you may find yourself struggling to make due with your current square footage. While you may initially feel like the only option to increase your space is with a home addition, at Synergy Builders, we know that many homeowners have another choice: the basement.

Choosing the basement for your Naperville home remodeling project can instantly deliver the space you need without having to undergo major construction on your property. The space is there, waiting, like a blank canvas. You and your family can easily customize the basement in a Naperville home remodeling project to complement your current lifestyle requirements and deliver all the room and functionality you’ll need for an optimal property layout.


Five Surprising Ways To Update Your Basement During Your Naperville Home Remodel

Yes, the basement can prove a great space to utilize as a playroom for the kids; however, with so many great products and designs available, many homeowners are opting to not settle for merely using the room as a giant toy box. Instead, today’s homeowners are updating their basements through Naperville home remodeling into spaces that have look and feel just like main floor living areas. When you’re ready to begin your Naperville home remodeling project, consider five potentially surprising design options to optimize functionality in your home:


Workout room: Feel like you have to move a mountain of toys and junk out of the way every time you want to get a workout in? Create a finished gym in your basement. Today’s products offer homeowners the option to get as basic or upscale as they want to make working up a sweat as enjoyable as possible.


Kitchenettes: While building codes in many municipalities won’t allow for a full-sized kitchen, smaller kitchenettes can prove a great way to make downstairs living space more convenient.


Spare bedroom: Tired of trying to find room for your overnight guests? Use your basement to create bedrooms and even a bathroom to keep everyone staying for the night comfy and cozy.


Music room: Need a place to send the kids to practice their instruments? Finish the basement and have it set up with all of their musical instruments so they can have an impromptu jam session whenever they want.


Cabana/changing room: If you have a pool, you know that having people traipse through your main floor of living to use the bathroom as well as grab food and drinks wears thin quickly. Creating a pool house/cabana space with small kitchenette in your walk out basement can instantly minimize foot traffic in your home and give everyone a designated space for all of their pool gear.


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