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5 Ways To Save On Home Remodeling In Naperville, Illinois

5 Ways To Save On Home Remodeling In Naperville, Illinois

Everyone knows that updating your home adds value, but the perceived price tag scares many people off. You shouldn’t let that stop you from at least exploring your options. There are some great ways to save on home remodeling in Naperville, Illinois, with careful choices and planning.

There are several types of home remodeling projects that you could consider. Building upward, outward, or redoing the space you have are the basic options. Every project is unique and will require a different budget. While this may sound intimidating, it’s actually very freeing. That means you can customize your project to meet your personal needs and budget constraints.

Maximizing Your Home Remodeling Budget

  1. Focus on the efficient use of space. You will save money if you can re-work the space you have. Walls can be removed. Cabinets can be raised. Closets can be added. Appliances can be relocated. Shelves and custom storage solutions can maximize every inch of space you have. The idea is to make the room bigger and better suited to your needs. Careful planning during the design stage can make this happen and save you money in the long run.
  1. Consider alternative lighting ideas. Make a small space feel bigger by adding natural light. Maybe you don’t need to add a whole new window; sun tubes are easy to install and funnel the natural light into the room. A unique option is to open up a pass through. Don’t think about your walls as boundaries. Think about their function as a way to break up the space. Maybe add drama with a half-wall or even more with a small series of squares or geometric shapes to change the light values in your home.
  1. Scope out salvaged materials and donate/sell your demo materials. Sometimes, materials are ordered that home remodeling in Naperville Illinoismay not get used for a project. These are not just garbage! Almost every contractor has areas of scrap; scout these areas for great discounts on brand new materials. Same for your leftovers: counters, cabinets, and other materials may be sought after by others. In some cases you can get paid for them. In others, you’ll at least get free pick-up and save on the cost of a dumpster.
  1. Don’t be afraid to think big. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re stuck with the floor plan or square footage you have. Many people make the mistake of trying to shoehorn their remodeling wishes into their existing space – with poor results. In some situations, it can be more cost-effective to add more square footage with an addition, than it is to completely re-work the existing space. The only way to know for sure is to meet with a home remodeling specialist, design consultant, or architect to explore your options.
  1. Rely on your contractor. Contractors can often receive much better pricing on materials than you could ever hope to receive on your own. Use this to your advantage by letting your contractor source the raw materials needed for the job. Not only that, contractors will be able to identify areas of cost savings that you may not even be aware of. Definitely make time to talk to your contractor about your budget needs and restrictions; they will work with you to develop a plan you can afford.

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