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5 Out Of The Box Ideas For Home Remodeling In Naperville

bathroom remodeling double sided fireplaceYour home is your castle. Not only is it the center of your family’s life, but it’s also a place to creatively express yourself. Remodeling gives you the opportunity to change your home to maximize space, comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. Below, we will list some super creative home remodeling ideas. Whether you are adding a room, remodeling a room, or renovating your entire house, consider these ideas for home remodeling in Naperville.


#1 – Utilize the space under the stairs.

The space under a staircase is a versatile space that you can do many different things with, depending on your family’s lifestyle. First, you can use this space as a unique built-in bookshelf area. Fill it with your favorite books and family photo albums. Second, if you are in need of more hidden storage space, install drawers that pull out to help make your stored items more accessible. Third, if the design of your home is conducive, you could create a reading nook under the stair, complete with warm lighting and cozy pillows.


#2 – Use kitchen cabinets that maximize space.

Do you ever find yourself running out of counter space? Get that clunky toaster and coffee maker off the counter with the many interior accessories available. These include rollout shelves, spice pullouts, tray dividers, organizing units, and many more! You can also get creative with kitchen cabinetry by including a charging station for phones, tablets, and laptops built right into the cabinetry. There are several ways to creatively maximize space when home remodeling in Naperville.


#3 – Add a bar rail to your deck.

Does your family enjoy entertaining? Building a bar rail on your deck is an easy way to make your home better for entertaining. Guests can enjoy the weather while eating out on the deck. You can also utilize the space for the kids to hang out and eat with their friends while the adults sit together in the formal dining room.


#4 – Enjoy your fireplace in a new way.

Do you love the feel a fireplace creates? Take it to the next level by installing a two-sided fireplace between two rooms. Imagine how beautiful a two-sided fireplace could be between the living room and dining room. Or what about between the master bedroom and master bathroom for an extra cozy master bedroom experience? If the layout of your home isn’t conducive to a two-sided fireplace, you can always enhance your one-sided fireplace by framing it with built-in seating. This feature would be especially fun during the holidays.


#5 – Beyond home remodeling in Naperville – Add a tree house or guesthouse to your property.

When home remodeling in Naperville, think about how fun it could be to add a tree house for your kids. It would provide a great space for them to spend time outdoors. You could even convert a shed to a playhouse or fort. Another option is to have a guesthouse built on your property. Guesthouses are amazing for having friends and family come to visit, or having a relative live with you long term.


If you are considering home remodeling in Naperville, contact design build home remodeling company, Synergy Builders, today to find out how they can help turn your dreams into reality.

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