Fall Seasonal Maintenance Reminders

Fall Maintenance Reminders

With every change in season comes the responsibility to maintain various aspects of your home. These upcoming changes in weather could cause damage to your home without proper upkeep resulting in some unfortunate and unwanted repairs.

In an effort to protect you and your home, here’s ten tips on how to stay OUT of trouble and IN the clear this fall!


#1. Disconnect your Hoses– Neglecting your garden hoses by leaving them outdoors in freezing temperatures can cause damage such as cracking or freezing pipes as water expands inside the hose and eventually freezes. Take the time to drain your hose and store it away safely for next season’s use. You’ll thank yourself later!

#2. Start your Snow Blowers- Don’t wait until the first snow only to find out your not ready and your snow blower doesn’t start. You’ll want to be ready when the time comes so check the oil, inspect belts for wear, tighten loose bolts and levers, check the tire pressure, and drain the gas tank to replace with fresh fuel. 

#3. Test your Sump Pump-  Although the rain is not typically on your mind during these freezing months, when we do get rain during the winter the ground is already frozen and rain water does not absorb into the earth as easily as it would during the rest of the year- so your sump pump may be working overtime. Its good practice to have an extra pump on standby in a box in the event your existing pump fails suddenly. Better to be safe than sorry!

#4. Caulk your Windows- Do a quick look at all windows and doors to verify your caulk is still holding up and not deteriorating or cracking. This quick task can prevent unwanted drafts and leaks and ultimately save energy and money on utility bills. Win win! 

#5. Check your Roof & Gutters- All the colors of the falling leaves are beautiful, but a buildup of leaves can cause ice damming and water to back up into your house.. not so pretty. Clean those gutters to prevent damage to your roof, walls, ceilings, and insulation. 

#6. Clean Your Air Conditioner- Your Air conditioner has been running all summer and might need to be cleaned of debris and leaves that have accumulated around the unit. To prevent any issues for next years use, its best to keep the area as clean as possible! 

#7. Clean Your Dryer Vents- The same company that can clean your air conditioning vents can also clean your dryer vents. As we are naturally using heavier clothing and bedding to stay warm, our dryers will acquire more lint and dust. Get ahead of these flammable build ups and keep it clean!

#8. Clean Debris Surrounding Your Home- Fallen leaves and debris is the perfect place for pests to settle as the days get cooler and critters are looking for a home. This build up of debris not only attracts unwanted pests, but can cause damage to your home and grass as it gets heavy and matted from the elements. Take the initiative to get rid of it before it causes you problems.

#9. Clean Your Window Wells of Debris- Your window well provides light to your basement and protects your home from heavy rain and snow. If this area is not kept clean, you could attract unwanted critters or worse cause damage to the foundation of the home as water & debris accumulates. Don’t wait until its too late! 

#10. Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors– During this time of year often we are more frequently indoors using the stove, oven, fireplace & furnace as we entertain guests for the holidays or gather with our friends and family on cold days & nights. Unfortunately, this is the perfect setting for carbon monoxide buildup. Be sure to have working carbon monoxide detectors in place and ready to go. 

We hope you find these seasonal maintenance tips handy! Enjoy this season to the fullest and continue to stay safe and prepared for whatever comes your way.