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Creative Tips To Double Your Home Storage

What does your storage look like in your home?  Do you wish you had more?  Lack of storage space is one of the most common complaints we hear from clients. What most do not realize is that even owners of the smallest homes can double their storage space with some simple yet creative modifications. Try incorporating some of these creative storage ideas in your home:

Kitchen Storage Tips

  • Appliance garages.  These cabinets work well to hide items like toasters, mixers, and food processors.  They free up counter space and hide the clutter small appliances make when visible.
  • Pullout fillers.  Do you have some extra space in between cabinets that is wasted?  Installing a pullout filler is a great place to store spices, oils, or even cleaning supplies.4DPS-3921_A
  • Plate drawers.  Do you have limited space in to store your dishes?  Why not convert a drawer into plate storage with this handy peg system.  It can also be modified as your needs for the cabinet change.
  • A functioning pantry.  Make your pantry space work for you by customizing the interior space to fit your needs.  Why not put the microwave here and hide it behind doors when not in use?  Other items, like tray dividers or rollout shelves will help to make this space as functional as possible.
  • Don’t forget the pets.  Don’t have a good space for those pesky food and water bowls?  Where do you store your dog food?  Install a pullout garbage in one of the base cabinets and use a bin for the food.  The toe space can function as a slide out food and water bowl space.
  • Rollaway counters.  Is counter space an issue in your kitchen?  Incorporate a rolling cart in your island that can be hidden when not in use.  Other creative ideas for this concept are folding tops that hang off the side of an island or cabinet run and can flip up when needed.  101817264.jpg.rendition.largest

Master Bedroom Storage Tips

  • Flip the seasons. Don’t let the dust bunnies have all that space under your bed for themselves. Under-the-bed rolling drawers can hold off season clothes or extra linens. A huge plus?  You won’t need to vacuum underneath the bed anymore…there won’t be any room to!
  • Maximize closet space. Outfit your closet with double hanging rods, drawers, shoe holders, and hooks to create a space for everything. Take inventory of what you need to store, even if your closet doesn’t house it right now.  For those of you that have large walk in closets, this could be a great opportunity to free up some needed space in another area of your home.  Make sure there is plenty of hanging space, double and long hanging.  You will also want to get your shoes off of the floor.  It will be easier to clean and find your other shoe when you are running late for that important meeting.The-Container-Store-Closet-Organizers-Shoes-Brown
  • Double duty. Window seats and built-in book shelves can create a private nook while providing a place for books, toys, or linens.  Think outside the box and come up with ways that your current areas can double as storage.
  • Think vertically.  In small spaces thinking about how you can maximize your ceiling height will give you a lot more storage.  If you need to store things that you don’t use often, shelving units high to the ceiling are great.

Bathroom Storage Tips

  • Tower cabinets.  These cabinets sit on the vanity counter space and can be customized in size.  Here you can house brushes, hair dryers, combs, and even an electrical outlet to keep your toothbrush plugged in. This can be a great space for additional towel storage as well, depending on where your linen closet is located.
  • Medicine cabinets. Medicine cabinets have come a long way from what you’re probably imaging right now. They can be surface mounted or recessed between studs and come in variety of options like built in lighting, de-fogging units, or even televisions!TV-in-mirror
  • Vanity organizer units.  These inserts are not very big, but are extremely useful in organizing your things in the bathroom.  They offer space for a hair dryer, curling or flat iron and adjustable shelving for the rest of it. Put an outlet in the back of this cabinet to keep your hair dryer and curling or flat iron plugged in.
  • 101946673.jpg.rendition.largestSmart storage.  Use the space in between studs when possible to add open shelving.  You can fill in extra towels or a laundry basket in this space. You can also utilize the dead space under a shower bench for open shelving or pullout drawers.
  • Countertop drawers.  Add a small drawer on your countertop to hide the makeup and or other tiny items to avoid cluttering your vanity top. The top of the drawer can also offer a place to decorate!

With a little creativity, your home can provide up to twice as much storage space as you’re now using. For specific ideas for your home, give Synergy Builders a call. We’re full of ingenuity!

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