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Updating Your Home With The Latest Naperville Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Considering a Naperville bathroom remodeling project? At Synergy Builders, we understand that all homeowners have their own unique style preferences. It’s our goal to offer Naperville bathroom remodeling products that allow homeowners to put together a final new look that reflects their distinctive tastes.

Timeless Trends To Consider With Your Naperville Bathroom Remodeling Project

What is one major concern many homeowners often have when beginning a Naperville bathroom remodeling project? How to successfully walk that fine line between timeless trends…and flash-in-the-pan fads. At Synergy Builders, we stay ahead of the trend curve to ensure that we consistently deliver fashion forward products that prove both innovative yet timeless. Some key style directions we’ve noticed with homeowners undergoing a Naperville bathroom remodeling project include: neutral color palettes for bathrooms

Neutral color palettes: Modern homeowners have started to turn away from bright, bold colors and are choosing instead to embrace neutral shades for this room. Just can’t imagine a bath without some splash of loud color? Use it on an accent wall and surround it with more natural tones.

Smaller tubs and raised sinks: Another current trend that is proving it has staying power is free-standing soaker tubs and vessel sinks. Free-standing tubs take up much less space than their huge deck mounted predecessors. Vessel bowl sinks add to the aesthetics of the bathroom, making the vanity area feel more like furniture. Both pieces can come in a wide range of finishes and can sometimes be purchased together so you’ll have accent items in the room that complement each other.

Using natural light: When taking on a Naperville bathroom remodeling project, it’s important to think about how you can maximize the natural light in the space. Including large replacement windows and skylights in your design can truly make a major visual impact on your new layout.

Vintage accents: Vintage items are a hot trend right now and they’re here to stay. Best of all, you can get the vintage look without having to worry about old school functionality as many top designers are creating new “classic” pieces with all of the very latest innovations. Pair your neutral colors with vintage style items such as lighting, tiles, and faucets. For a fun and functional look that you’ll love try going “vintage chic”.

Repurpose & reuse: Keeping a steady eye on the environment is truly a Naperville bathroom remodeling trend that isn’t likely to go out of style anytime soon. When planning your renovation be on the lookout for ways to recycle items in your new room. Yard sales, flea markets and antique shops are just some of the places you may find a way to make something old new again. Additionally, look for green products such as eco-friendly showerheads and low-flow toilets to keep your space as environmentally sound as possible.

Heated floors: A final modern trend that is likely to stick around is including heated floors in your Naperville bathroom remodeling project. Heated floors may seem opulent, but this feature actually proves a functional detail that can also increase your overall return on investment. You’ll love never having to walk across a cold time floor again. Read more about heated floors here.


Synergy Builders, a leading provider of Naperville bathroom remodeling products, can help make your dream bathroom a reality. For more information, visit our site or contact our team of remodeling specialists today.

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