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Bathroom Remodeling In Naperville: How To Maximize Space For Best ROI

bathroom design mirror bathtubReady to begin bathroom remodeling in Naperville? If so, you already know that you have a litany of key factors to consider to ensure the best results possible. Budget, finding the best contracting team to partner with, and the scope of the project are just some of the many details that will warrant attention throughout the process. One major detail that many homeowners don’t often give the attention it deserves? Space planning.

Make Space A Priority During Your Bathroom Remodeling In Naperville

If you’re beginning a project for bathroom remodeling in Naperville, it’s important to give your space planning strategy as much consideration as other focal points in the process, particularly if you can’t add on additional square footage during the remodel. When beginning your bathroom remodeling in Naperville, keep the following tips in mind to guarantee you maximize your allotted space and create a bath that not only feels new, but feels like a spacious spa retreat once it’s completed.

Tip #1: Think About Color

The color scheme used throughout your new bath space can have a major impact on how roomy it feels. Light, soft shades instantly brighten up the area and help it to appear bigger than it actually is. Utilizing pale colors on the walls and even the floors can open up the room. Have an undeniable urge for using some dark and bold hues in your new space? Stick to accent pieces, wall hangings and even towels

Tip #2: Embrace Natural Light

Even if you can’t add on square footage during your bathroom remodeling in Naperville, chances are you can change up the existing windows to bring in more natural light. Bay windows can deliver optimal natural light and make the bath seem roomier; however, if that’s not an option, try to include other choices such as skylights and other, wider window styles.

Tip #3: Get Creative With Storage

Optimizing your storage solutions can make a major difference in the amount of space you feel you have. Whenever possible, opt to leave your floor space open. Instead, consider hanging cabinets above the sink and shelving units to give you a place to keep all of your toiletries.

Tip #4: Use Glass Whenever Possible

Nothing makes a bath area look small like putting up shower and bathtub curtains. A quick and easy fix is to use glass throughout your shower and tub area. The see-through glass will instantly make the room look bigger. Bonus – glass proves far easier to clean than shower curtains.

Tip #5: Include Mirrors

Mirrors have established themselves as a great resource for homeowners looking to make small spaces feel bigger, and bathroom remodeling projects prove no exception. Strategically hanging wall mirrors will instantly make the area feel wider and longer.

Tip #6: Consider Accent Features

Finally, when undertaking your bathroom remodeling in Naperville, always carefully consider the various accents that you’ll use to help make the area seem bigger. For example, crown molding helps the area feel longer. Additionally, pedestal sinks make the floor region feel more expansive. Keeping your fixtures smaller can also help create a final refined and roomy look that you will love.

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