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Picking The Perfect Light For Basement Remodeling Naperville Homes

The demand for basement remodeling Naperville has grown as homeowners seek ways to add living space without adding to the footprint of the home. One of the most important aspects of basement design and remodeling is the lighting. That’s not a surprise when you stop to think about it. Basements are often below ground with few, if any, windows. If you do have windows, they are likely small and don’t let in very much natural light. This makes basements very dark and uninviting, which is probably why you’re thinking about a remodel in the first place.

Lighting is an overlooked but incredibly important part of every basement remodeling Naperville project. No matter what your new design looks like, the basement will not be truly functional without the right lighting. In this blog, we’ll take a look at your basement lighting options so you can start to think about what kind of light you’ll need and where, and then plan for it during your basement remodeling in Naperville.

Basement Remodeling Naperville: Basement Lighting Needs

Since basements have little natural light, they have a greater need for artificial light. You’ll want to provide some all over light to brighten up the area but you may also want to add in some task lighting. Task lighting needs will vary depending on what you’re going to be using the basement for. If there’s a home office, you’ll want task lighting by the desk. If you have a bar, you’ll need to see what you’re doing or maybe you want to highlight your collection of liquors. Similarly, you may have an architectural feature that demands attention. These are all great places to add task lighting to your basement remodeling Naperville.

lighting options basement remodeling

Popular Lighting Options For Basement Remodeling Naperville

  • Recessed Lights. Basement ceilings are typically much lower than ceilings above ground level. This lack of clearance make basements perfect for recessed or can lighting. Recessed lights are used for general, all over lighting that provides even light throughout the room of your basement remodeling Naperville.
  • Pendant lights look great over a bar or pool table and come in many different styles and colors. As a favorite of basement remodeling Naperville clients, there is definitely one that will bring your bar area together.
  • Track Lighting. If you really want to show off something on the wall, a monorail or track light can draw attention just where you need it. Go for an adjustable fixture so you can change the angle of the beams down the road if your décor changes.
  • Dimmable lights are a good choice if the basement remodeling Naperville will be multi-use. You can have the lights turned all the way up for family game night or turn them down to catch a movie. Just make sure the bulbs you choose are clearly labeled for dimming.
  • Floor and Table Lamps. Of course, you can always add floor and table lamps to your basement if you realize after the fact that you need more light in a certain area.
  • Tape Lights. LED tape is a handy little lighting product that is perfect for lighting up cabinets, countertops and shelves. It’s easy to install and easy to hide so you can have a near invisible light source.

Choosing Bulbs for your Basement Remodeling Naperville

Your bulb choices are changing. Incandescent light bulbs aren’t an option anymore so you’ll need to find new bulbs. Your choices come down to Halogens, CFLs, and LEDs. Halogens are not recommended in basements because they get incredibly hot. There are better options available, namely, CFLs and LEDs. They both produce a lot of light and use far less energy (which also means lower electric bills). When you do choose your bulbs, check the beam angle. For overhead lighting, you’ll want a wide angle. For task lighting, it can be narrower.

One more thing, don’t get hung up on wattage. It really doesn’t mean anything now that we have super-efficient LEDs and CFLS. Better indicators of a bulb’s light output are lumens and color appearance. Lumens refer to the brightness of the bulb. Color appearance is that “warm” or “cool” label you see on bulb packaging these days. Higher lumens produce brighter light. “Warm” lights give off a yellowish glow, while “cool” lights tend to be more blue or white in color.

Let’s Talk Lighting for Basement Remodeling Naperville

That’s a lot to think about and we only scratched the surface! At Synergy Builders, we take lighting into consideration on every one of our projects for basement remodeling in Naperville homes. Our designers are skilled at making sure your new basement will have the right lights in the right places so you can make the most of your new basement. Once they have a new basement design, Naperville homeowners have told us the basement is their favorite part of the house!

Visit Synergy Builders online or call us at 630-293-8070 for a complimentary consultation to learn more about basement remodeling Naperville and see what we can do for you!

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