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Make The Most Of Your Space With Custom Basement Design Ideas

Custom Basement Designs Go Beyond Media Rooms And Man Caves

custom basement designsSo you’re finally getting around to finishing your basement, and you find yourself staring around at all that empty space wondering how you can best utilize it. You’re not alone! Most basements are the same size of your house’s main floor footprint; with the exception of a utility room, you could be looking around at the equivalent of a whole other house!

Finish A Little, Or Finish A Lot

A lot of people solve this problem by simply finishing only part of their basement. The most common basement designs? You guessed it… media rooms and man caves. Not that there’s anything wrong with these popular rooms – they’re excellent additions that add usable living space and enjoyment to your home, and that’s really what it’s all about.

But if you have a really large basement and want to finish it all, or if you don’t want to incorporate either of these rooms into your design, it’s time to think outside the box and consider custom basement designs that go beyond media rooms and man caves.

Rooms To Incorporate Into Your Custom Basement Design

Media rooms and man caves are popular because they’re usually large rooms. They don’t require a lot of wall construction, which is ideal for homeowners not wanting to spend a lot of money. But if you have the space and want to go all in on a custom basement design, consider incorporating some of these types of rooms into your plan:

Playroom – Great for families with children, basement playrooms keep toys out of your main living area, and, for older children, give them a space to retreat to where they can read or play video games alone.

Exercise, Yoga & Meditation Rooms – A home gym is not a new concept, but it’s a great way to use basement space. The key is to make it bright and inviting, because who’s inspired to sweat in a dark and dingy basement? The newest trend in home exercise rooms is a much smaller room dedicated to yoga and meditation. These small rooms are highly personal, allowing you to use colors, décor and lighting that inspires your individual practice.

Craft Rooms – The ultimate room for the creative soul, a basement craft room is both a retreat and a space to keep supplies in check. The key is to have custom storage solutions designed to keep the room neat and organized.

Workshop – This handy one in the household, and is also a quiet place to escape to work on projects and hobbies. One thing to keep in mind is that if you will be working with chemicals or paint in the basement workshop, you’ll want to choose an outside wall room and have an exhaust system installed.

Apartment for Rental Income – If your basement has a separate entry and you’re comfortable with the idea of house-sharing, a basement apartment can be a lucrative investment. You will want to talk to a local real estate agent that specializes in rentals before you begin to make sure you don’t over- or under-improve the space, and to make sure you can make enough income to recoup your investment over time.

Synergy Builders Specializes In Custom Basement Design

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