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Lighting In Basement Remodeling Naperville

Bringing Light To Basement Remodeling In Naperville

By their very nature basements are darker than the rest of the house. Some of us are lucky enough to have a few high windows to let natural light in, but for many others, there are no windows to speak of in the basement. This makes lighting very important to basement remodeling of Naperville homes.

The best way to achieve welcoming lighting in a basement is through layering. Layered lighting typically consists of 3 distinct types, or layers, of light: Ambient, Task, and Accent. By combining these three types of lighting into basement remodeling, Naperville homeowners can add or subtract light as needed.

Layered Lighting In The Basementbasement remodeling Naperville

  • Ambient light is the main lighting. These are the lights you use most often; the lights attached to the main switch. It also includes any natural light that comes in through windows. Ambient light is characterized by its overall lighting capabilities, but it does not provide any depth or area of focus. In most homes, basement lighting stops here.
  • Task lights highlight specific areas. They may be used above a basement bar, for example. Or it might be a lamp on a desk. Task lighting is anything that provides additional illumination of a specific area.
  • Accent lights draw attention to specific areas or objects, but don’t always improve the overall illumination of the basement. They can be decorative but are functional by adding a layer of complexity to the room. Track lighting on a basement fireplace is an example of accent lighting.

Lighting Ideas For The Basement

Basements are essentially a blank slate for lighting since they rarely have much, if any, natural light. That means you can install the exact lighting for your needs without having to adapt to any natural light coming in. Some common examples of lighting in basement remodeling of Naperville homes include:

  • Recessed or Canned lights. Since basements often have low ceilings, recessed or canned lights are a great choice. They add ambient light without taking away from head space, and you can add as many or as few as you want to light up the room.
  • Floor and Table Lamps. Lamps are excellent for task lighting. The variety of styles, shapes, and sizes means there is a lamp to suit your task while eliminating shadows and dark corners.
  • Track Lights. Track lights are installed on the ceiling. They can be used as either ambient, task, or accent lighting, depending on how and where they are installed, but they are most often used as an accent light to highlight an architectural feature or décor item.
  • Wall Sconces. Sconces are another great option in basements because they provide light without taking away from head room. Sconces on the stairwell provide important lighting but they can also be added to any room in the basement to make it feel warmer. Dimmer switches help you control the mood even further.

Contact Synergy Builders For Custom Basement Remodeling In Naperville

There are many factors that go into lighting choices when remodeling a basement, and not every basement needs every type of light. Synergy Builders offers custom basement remodeling of Naperville homes. Our designers will look at many things before recommending a lighting solution, such as: the intended use of the basement or room, the size of the room, the ceiling height, and whether or not there is any natural light. Our goal is to turn your basement into a welcoming and comfortable area of the home, not just deliver the bare minimum of functionality.

To learn more about custom basement remodeling in Naperville, contact us 630-293-8070.

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