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Planning Kitchen Remodeling In Naperville? How To Design Your Dream Space

Key Considerations For Successful Kitchen Remodeling In Naperville

wood style kitchen remodelSuccessfully executing kitchen remodeling in Naperville requires careful planning as well as the need to integrate your own personal taste for a one-of-a-kind final look that encapsulates your unique design personality. At Synergy Builders we firmly believe that the design process should be fun, not frazzling. Knowing some of the latest design trends can help you stay focused on some key kitchen features and ensures that you create a finished room that you will love spending time in.

When beginning to strategize the design for kitchen remodeling in Naperville, consider incorporating trends such as:


Airy, open shelves: Today’s shelves are being used for far more than simply displaying pretty crockery pieces. Homeowners are using open, airy shelves for functional storage in conjunction with their cabinetry.


Black cabinetry: It’s no secret that white wood has been all the cabinetry rage for some time now; however, this year homeowners are trending toward the precise opposite of white by installing black cabinetry throughout their new space. Even using black cabinets as accent pieces throughout the room will instantly make the space feel sleek and sophisticated.


Reclaimed wood flooring: Looking for a unique flooring option that proves environmentally friendly? Choose reclaimed wood. Made from repurposed materials, reclaimed wood instantly delivers a distinctive final look as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing no new trees were cut down to make the product. Want a truly trendy look with your reclaimed wood flooring? Select wider planks for a rustic, yet trend-savvy final appearance.


Marrying modern & traditional styles: Nothing says that today’s homeowners have to choose either a modern or traditional style; today’s trend is all about including them both in the same space. Use metallic with wood for a perfect visual balance. Or, include simple cabinetry with sophisticated fixtures. When it comes to combining modern and traditional elements, there truly are no rules and you can create a final distinctive space that is all your own.


No matter what your style and taste, the key to any successful kitchen remodeling is partnering with the right home renovation experts. Working with an experienced design team can help give you the insight you need to maximize the use of your space as well as create a one-of-a-kind final room that you will love spending time in.


As a leading provider of options for kitchen remodeling in Naperville, Synergy Builders creates spaces that are both functional and cutting edge. For more information contact our team of renovation experts today.

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