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Layered Lighting For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Layered Lighting For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Lighting plays an important role in any Naperville kitchen remodeling project. Not only does it serve the practical purpose of helping us see what we’re doing in the kitchen, it impacts how we feel and how the room looks, too. While many people attribute those feelings to the types of bulbs used, bulbs are only part of the equation. How lights are used and where they are placed is just as important as the bulbs you use. This is called layered lighting and it merges the form and function of the room.

Lighting specialists generally incorporate 3 distinct layers of lighting into their plans: Ambient, Task, and Accent. Each fulfills a different lighting need and there are several different types of this layered lighting for your kitchen that can help you achieve the results you want.

A Look At Layered Lighting

To understand layered lighting for your kitchen, you’ll need an explanation of each lighitng remodeling

  • Ambient Light is a baseline layer of lighting. They are the lights you use the most. Ambient light can also be natural daylight. The ambient layer provides enough light to see what’s going on in general, but it doesn’t provide a great deal of depth or focus on any one thing. In many homes, this is where lighting stops, but the next two layers are where complexity and sophistication are added.
  • Task Lighting highlights a specific area or task. Pendant lights over a kitchen island are an example of task lighting. As the name implies, task lights make doing tasks around the kitchen easier. Task lights benefit from dimming capabilities so they can be adjusted as the ambient light in the room changes throughout the day.
  • Accent Lights are used to draw attention to specific areas or objects. They don’t necessarily help the function of the room, but they definitely add a layer of complexity and comfort to the room. A spotlight on artwork or a stone backsplash is a good example of an accent light.

Examples Of Layered Lighting For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a great area to add layered light, especially if you’re one of those families whose kitchen performs double or triple-duty as an entertainment area or study spot in addition to food prep and eating. Some examples of layered lighting for your kitchen are:

  • Overhead Lighting. Overhead lighting is the most basic type of light. It may be a fluorescent light on the ceiling, a ceiling fan or chandelier above the table, or recessed or canned lights above the kitchen island. This is the starting point for lighting as a part of the kitchen remodeling in a Naperville home.
  • Track Lighting. Track lighting draws the eye and can make the kitchen appear larger than it really is. Track lighting is versatile, serving as ambient, task, or accent lighting depending on placement and use. They might be above a countertop eating area to serve as task lighting or across a row of cabinets to accent them.
  • Cabinet Lighting. Lights under the cabinets aren’t as common as they should be! Likely the darkest part of the kitchen, these areas can benefit from some soft lighting. When placed under the cabinet, it helps illuminate the countertop, but small lights can also be placed inside the cabinets to help you see what’s back there. In-cabinet lights are particularly attractive in glass-paneled cabinetry, providing a soft glow in the evening when all the other lights are off.
  • Oven Lighting. Oven lighting definitely qualifies as task lighting, but it can be much more than that. Most oven lights are incorporated into the range hood. Adding a range hood that has multiple light settings allows you to control the amount of light you receive based on your needs.
  • Fun And Funky Lights. Kids bedrooms aren’t the only place for fun and funky lighting ideas. A rope string of LED lights under or across the top of the cabinets add a splash of unexpected light and are easy to install. A lighted pot rack can provide a great focal point in the kitchen, especially if it’s hanging above a kitchen island. Pendant lights can add a touch of color to the room. Chandeliers and ceiling fans come in many, many choices nowadays so you can find the perfect complement to your kitchen décor.

Kitchens are the heart of the home. They should give off a warm and comforting feel, which can be achieved with layered lighting. Layered lighting is a great way to update the look and improve the functionality of the kitchen and should be included in any kitchen remodeling of Naperville homes.

To explore options in lighting, contact the designers at Synergy Builders. We specialize in kitchen remodeling of Naperville homes. Call 630-293-8070 to learn more about our services.

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