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Before and After Kitchen Remodel

Do you like a good before and after transformation?  You’re in for a treat because this kitchen remodel completed recently has been creatively transformed into a more spacious and functional area.

Project developer, Brian O’Neil, thought outside of the box with this innovative layout change.  Before the kitchen remodel, it was a typical outdated kitchen.  It is small, cluttered and dysfunctional.  The stove is right next to the sink and there is hardly any counter space to speak of.

before and after kitchen remodel before and after kitchen remodelBrian rearranged the appliances so the hood, stove, and microwave would move to the wall adjacent the sink.  The refrigerator moved to the wall opposite the sink.  It is sunken into the wall so not to impede on the walkway.  To accomplish this, Brian planned for taking space out of the garage.  The door to the garage was also moved over to accommodate a large pantry cabinet in the corner.

The tile was removed and hardwood floors were added, giving a warmer feel throughout the space.  The white cabinetry and flat panel door is clean and simple; making for a nice change to the previous cabinet doors with heavy molding.  A breakfast bar with seating for two was also added below the bulletin board creating a functional use of a blank wall.  Can lighting was installed to provide adequate task lighting in the kitchen.  They are also on a dimmer for occasions the homeowners do not want the brightest light.

before and after kitchen remodel before and after kitchen remodel

The best part of this kitchen remodel is how happy we have made our clients.  Their living is now better because of this remodel.  Here is what they told GuildQuality after we finished their kitchen remodel, “My wife and I are pleased with the kitchen remodel and would recommend Synergy Builders to anyone wanting a solid remodeling company. As with all remodel projects there were items that could have been done better/differently, but our overall experience with Synergy Builders was very positive. From the planning and design through execution Synergy Builders did a great job and we enjoyed working with them to remodel our kitchen.”  It was a pleasure to work for them and we hope one day we have the opportunity again!


before and after kitchen remodel before and after kitchen remodel

 Dreaming of the possibilities of your kitchen remodel?  Let Synergy transform your kitchen into a better, more functional space!  Call us at 630.293.8070 to get started.




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