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Avoid These Mistakes In Kitchen Design In Naperville

Kitchen Design In Naperville: 10 Top Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Many homeowners dream of renovating their kitchen. Kitchens are very popular home improvement projects and routinely top the list of best ROI. But, that’s assuming you do it right. A great kitchen design in Naperville can work wonders for a home’s value, but a poor kitchen design can do quite the opposite, not to mention the poor functionality it offers.

If you’re considering a new kitchen design in Naperville, here are 10 design mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

10 Kitchen Design Mistakes

Kitchen designs need be more than just beautiful. This is the hardest working room in the house and it needs to be functional above all else. Many of the design mistakes below impact the functionality of the room and not in a good way.

  1. Insufficient Counter Space. Every kitchen needs adequate counter space. How much you need and what type depends on your specific needs and the space you have to work with. Consider things such as traffic flow, so you aren’t blocking walkways and activities that you’ll use the countertop for. Is it strictly a food prep area? Do you have a lot of small appliances that you’ll need to set there? Where are the outlets? Do you want to add bar stools to create a working/eating area? Consider the uses first, then start planning the design.
  1. Blocked Access To Appliances. Nothing is more aggravating to a cook than being unable to access your appliances easily! Our best advice for kitchen design in Naperville is to follow the kitchen triangle rule: link the three areas of the greatest activity: the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink. Make sure you have unobstructed access to all three areas. Narrow paths, insufficient space when doors or cabinets are open, or poorly placed islands are common design fails.
  1. Lack Of Storage Options. You may like the feel of an uncluttered, open kitchen design in a Naperville home, but every kitchen needs storage space, so don’t skimp on it. You need easy access to everyday tools, appliances and dishes, and possibly a pantry. It will get really old, really fast if you have to go to the basement every time you need the toaster or mixing stand. Before you settle on a design, inventory your small appliances and must-have kitchen tools so you can be sure to include space for them in the redesign.
  1. Poorly Placed Islands. We mentioned it above, but it bears mentioning again because a poorly placed island will drive you crazy and it’s very hard to relocate an island once it’s been installed. Do not put an island where it will block traffic or restrict access to the work area. If you must have one, consider adding a sink or stovetop to it and making it part of the work area. In an open kitchen/living room/dining room floor plan, the island can serve as a visual and physical break between two different rooms without having to add a remodeling avoid mistakes
  1. Not Enough Light. No one wants to spend time in a dark kitchen and a lack of light makes it hard to work. Every kitchen should have three distinct types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent lighting. Most kitchens will have adequate ambient light from windows and an over-head light. Task lighting is often in short supply. Make sure there is enough light at the stove, sink and eating area. You’ll need to plan for this in the design since electrical power is required. It’s not something that you can easily go back and add in at a later date.
  1. Ventilation Problems. No one likes to walk into a kitchen that smells like last night’s dinner. Good ventilation not only helps remove these kinds of odors, it improves indoor air quality, helps remove smoke from those cooking disasters before the fire alarm goes off, and can even extend the life of your appliances! The refrigerator, for example, will have to work harder if hot air isn’t removed from the kitchen. Range hoods are the best way to keep the air moving in your kitchen. A really good range hood can remove grease and oil droplets from the air before they land on your counters and cabinets and they can be used all year-round, even when you’re not cooking, to help pull air out of the kitchen. This can help keep it cooler in summer and maybe save you a little bit on your A/C bills.
  1. Forgetting The Trash. Likely the very last thing you think about in the kitchen design of a Naperville home is making a place for the trashcan. Today it’s about more than trash though. You also need a place to put recyclables and for some, compost buckets. That makes it very important to include trashcan/recycling bin placement. Consider pullout shelves with separate bins or designating an area of the kitchen for your rubbish.
  1. Too Trendy. While kitchens do in general provide a great ROI, if they are too trendy that can backfire on you. Trends come and go quickly but a kitchen renovation is a major long-term investment. Don’t get hung up on what’s “in” at the moment, but instead focus on what works and what you like best. If you are planning to sell your home anytime soon, stick with traditional styles and colors and basic appliances, unless your home has a very clear theme overall. A super sleek and modern kitchen won’t do well in an historic home, for example.
  1. Going Off Plan. Once you’ve settled on a kitchen design in a Naperville home, stick to it. Any changes made midway through the project are going to be expensive and can throw off the entire rest of the plan from timing to costs to placement. You may end up with a lovely island centerpiece, but you’ll pay for it in other ways, both literally and figuratively.
  1. Not Budgeting Appropriately. One of the most common mistakes is inappropriate budgeting. It’s not uncommon for a major kitchen remodel to be about 20% of the value of your home. If you go much higher than that you run the risk of losing out on ROI, because the home won’t be comparable to homes in the neighborhood. And, unfortunately, you’ll end up eating the cost. This is not a big deal if you don’t plan to move, but if a move is in your future; don’t get carried away by all the latest bells and whistles. During any remodel, it’s more common to come in over budget than under budget. Once walls start coming down and floors start coming up, unexpected expenses can arise. Keep this possibility in mind and set aside some reserve funds so you’re prepared when it happens.

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A kitchen remodel is an exciting process, but don’t get carried away by the excitement and wind up making poor decisions. Take your time developing a kitchen design that meets your needs and budget to ensure you have a kitchen you’ll love for years to come.

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