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Trends In Home Remodeling Naperville: Homeowners Love Bump-Outs

When space is tight, it’s time to consider structural changes that add more room to your home with home remodeling Naperville. Immediately, additions come to mind. However, sometimes additions are not an option. The landscape may not allow for more building, or it may be too expensive for you to add a new room. When you need to add some room, but are restricted by space or money, consider a bump-out.

Home remodeling Naperville: Benefits Of Bump-Outsadditions renovations bump-out

Home remodeling Naperville bump-outs are smaller spaces created by literally bumping out, or extending, an existing wall, usually adding two to eight feet of space to a room. It’s not an entirely new room, but it does add more space and visual appeal to an existing room. When home remodeling in Naperville, there are many benefits to choosing a bump-out instead of adding a new room during home remodeling Naperville. This is because bump-outs easily integrate into the existing structure of your home. Here are some of the ways that a home remodeling Naperville bump-out can fit the structure of your existing home:

  • You can add a bump-out to the ground floor or the second floor with home remodeling Naperville.
  • Your current roof does not need to extend over your home remodeling Naperville bump-out; it can be built with a flat or gazebo roof.
  • Bump-outs in home remodeling Naperville do not require additional heating or cooling.

Bump-Outs Add Home Remodeling Naperville Options

Think of a bump-out as a nook; an added area that has potential in almost every room of your home. The amount of impact it has depends on the size and function of the room that gets bumped out. Since it’s not a major Naperville home remodeling move, think about why you would want to bump-out a room and how it will add value to your home. Here are some ideas:

  • Living Room. Adding a bump-out to the living room is one way to add some storage, create extra seating, or bring in more light. You can eliminate clutter or create a unique display by using your new space for bookshelves or built-in cabinets. Adding a storage bench doubles as both storage and a place to sit. Another option is to add a bay window to increase the natural light. You can even add an extra seating area with two comfy chairs and a side table. The possibilities for Naperville home remodeling in the living room are great.
  • Kitchen. Here, there are endless options for turning your space into an eating area, with a few simple steps of home remodeling Naperville. A built-in bench, booth seating, or a little table and chair set could make a kitchen bump-out into a dining space. Another option is to expand your kitchen to include more counter space. In a larger kitchen, a bump-out can make room for more windows, which adds extra light. Or, you can create room for an island to increase the cooking and prep space.
  • Upstairs. In a master bedroom that has an outside wall, a bump-out could add major style. With a Naperville home remodeling bump-out, you can add floor-to-ceiling windows; this architectural feature is modern and functional, providing a dramatic wall of natural light. You can also add a bump-out to an upstairs hallway to create a workstation; this is perfect for a home that needs a den or mini home office.
  • Bathroom. Adding a bump-out to a bathroom creates a new space that can accommodate a separate tub and shower area, a soaking or whirlpool tub, or other luxury, spa-quality amenities.
  • Entryway. Homes that have small foyers can use a bump-out to add on a mud room. This provides instant organization by creating a place for your clutter. Clever cubicles or cottage paneling can add charm to the new space, too.

No matter how you use the space, bump-outs are a small-scale project that can have a big impact. Visit Synergy Builders to learn more about home remodeling Naperville and adding space to your home with bump-outs.


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