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Avoid Halloween Havoc, Dispose Pumpkin Pulp Properly

seeds-pulpWhat do you do with your pumpkin pulp?  Pumpkin carving season is quickly approaching.  Synergy has gotten many calls in the past due to clogged drains from pumpkin pulp. It is easy to assume that garbage disposals can handle the pulp…it is mushy, stringy, and soft.  The fact of the matter is it is still in your drains by the time it dries out.  Before you know it, you have a back up in your sink.  Flushing it down the toilet isn’t a better solution either.  It will just be further down the pipe causing a more painful fix.

So, when carving your pumpkins this Halloween please make sure to place the pumpkin pulp on some newspaper.  This allows you to easily wrap it up and place it in your garbage can or compost pile.  Happy Carving!


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