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5 Tips To Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Don’t let winter drag you or your home down.  Winterizing your living space will not only give you peace of mind over the next several months, it may even save you some cash in the long run!  With the help of the experts here at Synergy, here are some easy tips to help get your home ready for winter.

Get Insulated.  Is your attic insulated?  If not, you may be losing out on some energy efficiency.  You will want to use faced rolls, which are better for moisture control, and an R49 image1insulation.  Rolls are best for large open areas, and for harder to reach areas, you can use blown in insulation.  Be careful not to cover the soffit vents.  The attic fan (if you don’t have one of these see #2 below!) will need to pull the air properly and covering them would defeat the purpose of this.  The simple task of making sure your attic is properly insulated could be saving you some moola down the road.

Get Circulated.  Speaking of attics, installing a fan in your attic will help to circulate the air in an otherwise stagnant area.  When there is no circulation in the attic, moisture can build causing mold to grow.  We all know this is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone’s home sweet home.  Avoid a potentially dangerous situation and install an attic fan right away.

Another thing to look into is installing whole house ventilation.  By installing a whole house ventilator you will be exchanging stagnant air and any possible pollutants causing health problems with fresh outside air.  You can also install a whole house humidifier which, in winter, can reduce cracking trim and caulk, as well as separation of wood floors and those irritating shocks while turning your lights on.

Back It Up.  Does your sump pump have a battery back up?  If not, get one…now!  With fall rains coming, not to mention snow storms, you may be in for a surprise.  Now is the time to safe guard yourself and get backed up.  Avoid the long lines and empty shelves.  When everyone else is scrambling, you can relax knowing you’re protected against floods!  If you already are backed up, check the battery and make sure it is functioning properly.

“Paneful” Windows.  Have your windows seen better days?  Replacement may be a good option for efficiency.  But, if you’re not quite ready, applying some window insulation film to the panes of the windows will drastically reduce any drafts coming in.  A great DIY project for the weekend is to sew some draft snakes.  These are fabric tubes filled with dried rice, or anything dense, and are placed at the window sill.  They can also be used at the bottom of your entry doors.

Be Re-leave-d.  Make sure to clear out all leaves and any other debris from your window wells.  One of the main causes of flooding in basements is not properly cleariegress-window-well-02-lgng debris from
window wells and/or not maintaining the drain properly.  When debris creeps its way into your window well and water cannot properly drain through the rock, flooding occurs and…rapidly.  By making sure this area is free of debris, you will save yourself a major headache and a possible future renovation.

Do you need help with winterizing your home?  Use your accumulated “Honey Do” hours to get it done by Synergy! Read more about our rewards program here.

You may not be ready for the winter months ahead, but your home sure will be!

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