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What’s Your Style?

Do you ever wonder what style best suites you?  Most people try not to be too trendy, while others have no fear to be daring.  A lot of our clients are looking for a very timeless look that will last as long as the products we install.  Everyone’s style is a bit different, but what are the differences between traditional, contemporary, and transitional?  Here is an explanation of each and some tips on keeping each one timeless.

Traditional Styling

Traditional style offers classic furniture, symmetry in layouts, and rich color schemes.  The room will showcase unique detail and ornamentation everywhere you look.  Raised panel doors are used and different finishes are often mixed.  To keep this look timeless, you will want to mix some softer colors and keep patterns to a minimum.


Contemporary Styling

Contemporary styles are more than just neutrals with minimalist design.  Today’s contemporary decor seeks a balance between clean lines and cozy accents.  Many refer to this style as “warm contemporary”.  The contemporary style most people think of immediately is cold, harsh, and uninviting.  By using warmer colors and softer lines, this look will stay classic for years to come.


Transitional Styling

Transitional style offers the best of both worlds.  It is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary elements.  It is not too cold or uninviting, yet not too fussy or formal either.  It combines the comfort of traditional design with the clean lines of contemporary creating a modern, streamlined space radiating harmony.  This style will stay timeless because accessories can be updated indefinitely to reflect current trends.




No matter what your style, the designers at Synergy Builders will listen to your wants and needs and pull together the perfect look for you!  To schedule your complimentary consultation, call us at 630.293.8070 today!

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