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Unique Home Designs In Western Chicago Suburbs

Unique Home Designs In Western Chicago Suburbs

The western Chicago suburbs have seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Population growth, new jobs, and an increase in median income have all spurred new home development as well as a rise in remodeling as people choose to stay in their homes for longer.

As such, we’ve seen several new and unique design trends emerging.

Unique Backsplashes

In kitchens and bathrooms, we’re seeing a shift away from traditional tumbled marble backsplash and even more contemporary subway tile and mini-tiles.

In a new twist on square and rectangular mini-tile, we’re seeing fun new shapes like hexagons and circles. Like other small tile backsplashes, these come in 12×12 sheets for easy installation. You can choose a modern monotone palette in white or even pale green or bright red, a mix of coordinating neutrals like grays or browns, or make the unique shapes really pop with a bold black and white pattern.

In backsplashes we’re seeing quite a bit of texture. From tile with feather-like and swirling patterns, to 3-D geometric tiles that appear to pop right off the wall, it’s clear that homeowners want to break away from the norm and make their kitchens and bathrooms more unique.

Bye-Bye Neutrals

Unique Home Designs In Western Chicago SuburbsWhile we will never see neutrals truly go away, homeowners are branching out and adding color to rooms. Whether they do it cautiously with a single accent wall and coordinating throw pillows, or they go all out bohemian with wall-to-wall jewel tones, it is still highly personal. But it’s unusual to walk into a home and see a sea of neutral anymore.

When incorporating color into your home, it’s not that less is more, but that planning is key. Adding colors haphazardly as you see something you like will look just that: haphazard and disjointed. Decide on a color scheme that you like and then use the 60-30-10 rule to incorporate color into the room. For example, if you love teal, but teal walls are a bit much, your main color could be a cream on the walls (60%), your secondary color could be golden colored upholstery (30%), rounded out by complimentary teal accent pieces like drapes, rugs or vases (10%).

Marble Look-Alike

Homeowners love the luxurious look of marble, but the hefty price tag often makes it out of reach for large expanses of kitchen countertops. Alternatively, savvy homeowners are turning to quartz countertops to get an incredibly realistic marble look-alike for less. Quartz such as SileStone is manufactured to mimic the look of real stone, with multi-colored striations and patterns that are indiscernible from marble to the untrained eye.

Synergy Builders Has The Pulse On Unique Home Designs In Western Chicago Suburbs

If you’re in the Chicagoland area and looking to undertake a home remodeling project, Synergy Builders is the leading design-build contractor in the western Chicago suburbs. From kitchen and bath remodels, to finished basements and new home additions, we do it all with careful eye toward design and quality craftsmanship.

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