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Home Design: 5 Popular Trends in Ceramic Tile

5 Popular Trends in Ceramic Tile

Many love the look of natural stone, textures, and metals, but find themselves sacrificing in one way or another to achieve the look they desire. Not to mention the maintenance of these products may not be as simple as you hoped. Today, thanks to improving digital printing technology, ceramic tile is the best way to imitate natural stone, wood, metal, concrete and even textiles giving you the best of both worlds in aesthetics and practicality while allowing you to more easily keep up with the trends!

  • Marble

This stone is without a doubt stunning, but is often not ideal for many locations in a home where reality happens everyday. Ceramic tile incredibly imitates the textures and patterns of marble making it nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two. This alternative to real stone is more practical, requires less maintenance, is often less costly, and helps to save the irreplaceable resources of our planet- which is a great plus!

  • Retro

Designers love to incorporate the trends of the past into new ideas and styles of the trends today. Ceramics in retro style combines elements of durable and functional material with the effect of an aged surface creating a modernized spin on a retro feel. This provides an upgrade in product functionality while still embodying that character found in older style homes.

  • Textile

The ceramic tile imitating textile, gives that luxury look, doesn’t fade, is easier to maintain, and doesn’t absorb odors/germs as fabric would.  Ceramic tiles imitating attractive textures and patterns of various fabrics offers the eye more interest with dimension while providing a simpler maintenance routine. Exquisite “silk”, crumbled “flax”, textured “denim”, and multi-colored “Scotch” have become a beautiful and durable option for walls and floors.

  •  Metal

Reflective steels, red-rusted metals, and rich coppers are quickly climbing the ceramic trends ladder. A real metal finish in a residential remodeling can often be expensive and even difficult to install. Ceramic tile imitating metals  are accessible, often less expensive, and bring that special pop to the interior design.

  • Wood

Wood tiles perfectly display the natural look, warmth, and rustic charm of real wood. This tile is quickly gaining popularity for its greater durability and easy care maintenance- especially in homes with children and pets where scratches and spills are more common.

As we sift through and examine this popular alternative to various styles and trends, this image printing technology introduced to ceramic tiling has provided home owners and designers with a game changing product. If you are looking to incorporate ceramic tile in your upcoming home remodeling project, call Synergy Builders at 630-293-8070 to schedule your in-home complimentary consultation today!

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