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Small Bathroom Design In Naperville Improves Function

Bathroom Design In Naperville: Making Your Small Bath More Functional

Many homes, especially older homes, have small bathrooms. At one time, bathrooms were simply a place of function, so there wasn’t a lot of thought put into the design of bathrooms. As time went on, bathroom design in Naperville became more important to homeowners and they were subsequently made bigger and more luxurious. That’s all well and good if you’ve got one of those spacious bathrooms, but what about the rest of us?

The knee-jerk reaction may be to expand the bathroom, but for many people that isn’t an option. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to improve the functionality of a small bathroom.

Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Work Better

Improving the functionality of your bathroom doesn’t mean knocking down walls or ripping out fixtures. It’s a matter of making better use of the space available to you. Consider these ideas:

  1. Install A Corner Sink. Corner sinks are wonderful space-saving fixtures in the right bath. If your sink gets in the way of a shower door or you have to walk around the sink to get to anything, take a good look at the corners of the room and ask yourself if a corner sink would work. The corner that is furthest from the door would keep the sink out of the way. But if you have an odd-shaped alcove, it could work there, too.
  1. Look Up, Not Out. We tend to focus on square footage when we think about remodeling, but there’s only so much you can do with limited floor space. That’s when it’s time to look up and think about making use of your wall space. Over-the-toilet cabinets, vanities that extend over the back of the toilet, shelving, and cabinets attached near the ceiling can provide precious storage and workspace without taking away from square footage.small bathroom design remodel
  1. Expand The Mirror. If your biggest problem is making room for multiple people to use the bath at one time, install a bigger mirror. Just because you don’t have a dual vanity doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of a large mirror. Mirrors that run the length of a wall provide enough room for multiple people to use the room with the added advantages of reflecting light back into the room and making the room appear larger than it is.
  1. Think Curves, Not Corners. Hard edges and sharp corners on vanities are total hip hazards in smaller bathrooms. You’re forced to walk around them, even if there’s not enough space to do so. When every inch counts, Rounded vanities and sinks can save space, making it easier to maneuver in the room.
  1. Use The Doors. Doors are another overlooked space. It’s not unusual to find a clothing hook on the back of doors, but take it a step further and mount the towel rack back there, or use an over-the-door storage rack to store commonly used toiletries or linens.
  1. Install Wall-Mounted Faucets. If you don’t need a huge vanity, consider wall-mounted faucets. Have you ever thought about how much vanity/sink space the hardware actually takes up? In narrow spaces, you can save a good 3 or more inches by moving the faucets to the wall.

Contact Synergy Builders For Small Bathroom Design Of Naperville Homes

If your small bathroom is in need of a makeover or you just can’t make the room work for you, call Synergy Builders at 630-293-8070. Our design consultants can help you maximize what you have to improve the functionality of the bathroom.

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