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Basement Finishing In Naperville Warms Up Cold Spaces

Warm Up A Cold Basement With Basement Finishing In Naperville

Basements offer so much potential but are often overlooked and underutilized. finished basement napervilleMuch of the reason for this can be traced back to the fact that they are so darn cold! While it might feel great in July and August, no one wants to hang out in a cold, damp basement when there are much more comfortable options available upstairs.

But basement finishing of Naperville homes is an excellent way to get more mileage out of your house. The problem is warming up the space enough that you actually want to use it. In this post we want to share a few different ways you can address that problem and make better use of the space you have.

5 Ways To Warm Up A Cold Basement

Depending on how you want to use your basement there are several ways to warm it up.

  1. Take Care Of Water Issues. Water causes dampness and may lead to mold, which makes the basement feel particularly cool. If standing water is of concern, get a sump pump to make sure it doesn’t creep up onto the slab. This is vital for basement finishing in Naperville. The last thing you want to happen is to have water ruin your new floors and walls, but it it does you can get rid of it by using the best sump pump! Other ways to remove moisture from the air include dehumidifiers and waterproofing materials. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air and waterproofing prevents it from seeping through concrete blocks or slabs. Be sure to look outside your home, too. Check the foundation to make sure there are no low spots where water can pool and seep into the concrete. You want the soil to gently slope away from the home, taking the water with it. Add gutters to help carry water away from the foundation.
  1. Add Registers. Sometimes, all you need to do is review your existing ductwork and add registers in strategic places. Every time your furnace kicks in, it will heat that area of the basement.
  1. Radiant Heat. Radiant flooring heats the room from the ground up. Installed under your flooring, atop the concrete slab, this is a great way to heat the entire room. And because it is radiant, the heat lasts longer than forced-air system where the heat disappears as soon as the furnace shuts off. There are radiant heating systems that are used in walls and ceilings too with more options showing up on the market every year.
  1. Install A Standalone Heat Source. The simplest solution for occasional basement use is to install a standalone heat source like an electric space heater, a natural gas or electric fireplace, or even a pellet stove. If the basement is fairly comfortable already and you just need a little extra warmth at this, this can be a great choice that doesn’t require any remodeling.
  1. Seal Possible Air Leaks. Another simple solution and one that should be included in every basement finishing project is to seal the air leaks. Heat loss through leaky doors and windows is the biggest source of energy waste in a home, upstairs or downstairs. Caulk and seal all windows, even if they don’t open. Use thermal window coverings to prevent heat loss through the glass.

Contact Synergy Builders For Basement Finishing In Naperville

You may need to use a combination of the methods mentioned above to warm up your basement. Making sure the basement is waterproof and sealed off from air leaks should be first priority. Once it is dry and leak-free, you can explore your options for basement finishing in Naperville. For more basement finishing ideas, contact Synergy Builders at 630-293-8070 for a free in-home consultation.

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